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Pathrider 10 Mobility Scooter

$2,495.99 $2,445.99

The sleek, sporty Pride Pathrider 10 mobility scooter delivers high performance operation, all-new features and feather-touch disassembly. With a full complement of advanced standard features exclusive low-profile, puncture-proof tyres, back-lit battery gauge, and wraparound easy drive tiller, the Pathrider 10 is a greater value than ever before.


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Pride’s exclusive one-hand feather-touch dis-assembly provides the ultimate quick transport system. Auto-connecting front-to-rear harness and easy drive tiller with wrap-around handles enhance safety and make steering the Pathrider 10 mobility Scooter easy.

67 Mars Road Lane CoveNSW2066 AU 
 • 1300008267

Up to 40 km


Up to 8.5 km/h


159 kg


1190 mm


565 mm

Heaviest Part

32 kg



Manufacturers Part Number


Tyre Type


Battery Type

2 X 35AH Gel

Ground Clearance



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2 years on scooter, 6 months on batteries.

Product FAQ

Can the Pride Pathrider 10 be disassembled for transport?

The Pride Pathrider 10 comes with an exclusive one-hand feather-touch disassembly which provides the ultimate quick transport system. It also has an auto-connecting front-to-rear harness.

What kind of batteries does the Pathrider 10 use?

The Pathrider 10 Mobility Scooter requires two (2) 35AH Gel batteries. These 12-volt, deep cycle batteries weigh 15kg each. You are required to charge the Pathrider 10 indoors. The easy access tiller-amounted charger port is equipped with a standard dual voltage off-board charger.

What is the maximum recommendend incline degree that the Pathrider 10 is safe to use?

The Pathrider 10 is safe to use at an 8 degree incline at the max SWL of 159kg.

Is there a restrictions to how much can be carried in either the front or rear with optonal accessories or the basket?

Caution should be taken especially when climbing or descending a slope with a load either on the rear or front as it can cause the mobility scooter to tip. Either the front or the rear should not have more than 6.8kg of weight, that is, for example, an oxygen tank should always weight less than 6.8kg and if you are carrying the likes of shopping in the front basket, it should weigh less than 6.8kg.

How can the Pride Pathrider 10 handle stationery obstacles such as steps, kerbs, etc?

The Pride Pathrider 10 has a Ground Clearance of 5cm (2"),therefore do not attempt to negotiate a kerb that has a height greater than the ground clearance. It's important that you do not drive near raised surfaces, unprotected ledges, and/or drop-offs (kerbs, porches, stairs, etc.).  Be sure your scooter is traveling perpendicular to any kerb you may be required to ascend or descend.However, do not attempt to have your scooter proceed rearward down any step, kerb, or other obstacle. This may cause the scooter to tip. Also, do not attempt to have your scooter climb or descend an obstacle that is inordinately high.

What weight capacity is pathfinder 10 Delexe mability scooter

Maximum user weight is 159KG.  Pathrider 10 Deluxe Brochure

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