Simone Wilks
My father was using a floor concentrator before we purchased the Inogen One. He barely left the house because of the hassles of transporting oxygen cylinders. Now, he visits when he likes.
Simone Wilks Willoughby
Sigrid Langker
I would like to thank you for the excellent service provided by your organisation to us. On Monday morning we found out our client needed a wheelchair as was not feeling up to walking. We called you and in no time at all we had the wheelchair. Ross was most helpful as was the person we spoke to before getting on to him. Thank you very much and I commend you and your team on the great service provided to us.
Sigrid Langker Sydney
Stuart Gentle
The Inogen One has completely changed my life forever. I felt very restricted with the floor concentrator. With the Inogen One I can go out and live the lifestyle that I want with no restrictions.
Stuart Gentle Robertson