Some of the best performing mobility scooters are now available in all the stores of Independent Living Stores Australia wide as well as the online store. These scooters are ideal for those weighing up to 220 kg and usage in rough outdoor areas.


Invacare Comet Ultra

This scooter is full of safety features and guarantees of securely reaching any place you want to go swiftly and comfortably.

It is a dynamic outdoor mobility scooter ideal for users who may weigh up to 220 kg. During the design and manufacturing process, special precautionary measures have been taken to guarantee the safety and durability of the scooter.

It is equipped with a specially shaped ultra seat modified in concurrence with therapists to be sure of best seating position and additional comfort. Further, a pneumatically regulated lumbar support is adjustable while seated. The armrests could be used as extra support when getting on an off the scooter.


This scooter range is sold with free 24/7 road assistance, free mirrors, safety flag, safety vest and 24 months warranty and 50% off promotion on the scooter cover.

Sunrise Medical Sterling S700 Mobility Scooter

The S700 mobility scooter is the forerunner of all scooters with high-calibre features for outdoor usage. It can deal with steep inclines of 10 degrees, higher kerbs up to 100mm and greater barriers with bigger 33cm tyres. It’s actually a mobility scooter manufactured for active people. Distance coverage is also not a problem as it is equipped with a large 75Ah battery to power an extended range up to 55km.

The advanced suspension gives a smooth and rewarding drive. All the wheels have independent suspension and whether cruising around at 6kph or travelling on different grounds at 10kph, expect a guaranteed comfort on every bump encountered. Further, the bigger 33cm pneumatic wheels will assist to easily clear any obstructions with more certainty.

Sunrise Medical Mobility Scooters available through ILSAU


The LED lights of the S700 mobility scooter is 400 times more energy sufficient than the standard bulbs. Therefore, it is not necessary to change bulbs and usage of battery power on every trip is also less.


The easy to adjust luxury seating helps to find a perfect seating position for long journeys. The seat height, depth and recline could be adjusted to suit your driving position. The width, angle and depth of the flip up comfort armrests are adjustable and the seat rotation assists to transfer in and out of the mobility scooter without any trouble.

These performance mobility scooters are available at ILS stores in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane

Store locations of ILS performance mobility scooters

Melbourne performance Mobility Scooters

• Hoppers Crossing ILS Store – 11/428 Old Geelong Road
• Balwyn ILS Store – 392 Balwyn Road

Adelaide Performance Mobility Scooters

• 161-165 Grote Street.

Brisbane Performance Mobility Scooters

• 1/318, Cleveland Road, Cooparoo.

All stores are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

67 Mars Road Lane CoveNSW2066 AU 
 • 1300008267



Most often when a person gets older, the muscles get stiffened or joints begin to ache and it becomes difficult to get about your normal daily activities. Even a least possible chore will be too much for the body to take and at times the person may even lose mobility absolutely due to the immense pain. When this happens, it becomes necessary to look for ways to lessen stress on the body and limit activity. The best device to arrest this situation is the lift and recliner chair. This chair is equipped with mechanisms that lift it up and down enabling the user to sit down and get up easily


This recliner chair is operated electrically which lifts the chair up and tilts it forward controlled with a hand lever on the armrest. On some chairs, it also controls the reclining position of the chair. Some older models have a spring mechanism which is not recommended as sometimes the user could get thrown out of the chair. The electrically operated chair raises slowly, enabling the user to get on the feet safely.


Chair Extent

The size of the chair should be taken into consideration as it is a device that shifts user from sitting to a standing position. The chair’s best performance is based on the user’s height and weight. Checking the height of the chair is very important because if the chair is too tall, it could lift the user off the ground leading to a fall. Therefore, considering the size of the chair should be given prime importance.


Room and Décor

Considering the room where the lift chair is being placed is also important. Although these chairs are the same size as recliners, they take more space when activated. It should also blend with the room décor and many models have a choice of fabric and possibly be able to match the chair to the existing walls and furnishing.

Chair Feature

These chairs come in two-position, three-position, infinite-position, and zero-gravity.
These positions have different types of reclining features to suit the user’s need.


Two-position Lift Recliner Chair

This chair keeps the user upright even when reclining to about 45 degrees. It can really recline to any place between fully upright and 45-degree reclining position.

Portland Recliner Lift Chair
Three-Position Lift Recliner Chair

This position goes back further than 45-degrees to a sleeping position but not a flat position.

Infinite-Position Lift Recliner Chair

This position increase from the reclining to a flat, bed-like position for sleeping. It could further be set to any position between sitting fully upright and the flat position.

Zero-Gravity Lift Recliner Chair

This has all the features of the infinite-position chair plus reclines even further back, putting the legs above the back which relieves stress on the lower back and expands the muscles to relieve the stiffness.


A wide range of reliable branded lift recliner chairs to meet any requirement is available on rental or purchase options at and at all stores of Independent Living Specialists in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.




There are many ways to ease multiple aches and pains and physiotherapy is one such mode that can help a person to lessen the pain instead of increasing the intake of prescribed medicines. Physiotherapy takes care of the physical part of the inflammation, soreness, and stiffness with exercise and massage. It also assists in healing the body by supporting the body to produce natural pain-relieving chemicals.

Independent Living Specialists has some unique physiotherapy devices available in all their stores Australia wide.

Introduction to TENS

TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy is a way to control pain without the intake of drugs. This machine executes millions of tiny electrical impulses to manage the pain.

Blocks pain message

It blocks the pain message from reaching the brain. On placing the TENS pads on the pain area, the electrical impulses race to the brain, dominating the pain impulses resulting in less pain.

Blood Circulation

It improves blood circulation which is the usual reason for various kinds of arthritis, aches, and pains.

Choosing the right device

Although this device helps to reduce the pain level, a certain device might suit your needs better than another depending on where the pain is being felt.

Products available at ILS

Digital Tens Machine by ILS: ProTENS

This product is currently being sold 50% off the normal pricing for a limited time. It comes in a hard case with 3 years warranty consisting of free replacement without any query.

This unit is able to store the treatment times and schedules to be examined by your therapist later. It consists of TENS stimulator unit, carrying case 2X TENS leads, 9V battery, operating manual and a pack of 4 electrodes inclusive of a belt clip.

ProTENS Digital ILS

TENS Machine – Pro TENS Machine ILS

This is a classic TENS machine, consisting of adjustable pulse width, pulse rate, intensity, modes and a precise timer of 15, 30 and 60 minutes that stops output at a preset time. It comes with a TENS stimulator unit, carrying case, 2X TENS leads, 9V battery, operating manual and a pack of 4 electrodes inclusive of a belt clip.


ProTENS & EMS Machine Dual Unit I-TENs Quattro

This is a popular and fast moving unit. It delivers electrotherapy practicing electrical nerve stimulating pulses to give pain relief which is completely drug-free. It operates wirelessly with a remote control and a 20-minute timer. This is ideal for those suffering from chronic back pain as it is considered an important method of treatment.


ProTENS & EMS Machine Dual Unit with Premium Display

This device is currently being offered 50% off the special pricing for a limited time only. It is able to stores your treatment times and schedules to be examined by your therapist later. Backed with 5 years unlimited warranty, it consists of a TENS stimulator unit, carrying case, 2X TENs leads, 3XAAA batteries, operating manual and pack of 4 electrodes inclusive of a belt clip.


AllCare ProTENS Machine

This device comes with a free pack of electrodes. Powered with normal battery with adjustable pulse wide, pulse rate, intensity, modes and a precise timer of 15, 30 and 60 minutes capable of stop output at a preset time. It is a portable battery powered device easily adjustable with control dials.

AllCare ProTens Machine

TENs Electrode

Tens’ top quality electrodes come in 5, 10 and 20 packs. The self-adhesive, fabric backed carbon-based electrodes are designed for even distribution over the electrode surface. It is suitable to be used as TENs pad replacement on all machines. It is reusable and provides the best grip and application to the skin surface. The flexible operation allows the electrode to stick comfortably to the skin surface when the current is dispersed evenly to the area that needs treatment.




A wide range of drive medical mobility scooters is now available at Independent Living Specialists stores Australia wide including Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth. The Drive medical mobility scooters provide an easy and comfortable mobility drive with exceptional value.


The Scout portable mobility scooter, Scout Sport Quattro mobility scooter, and the all-new Viper mobility scooter are some of the popular drive medical mobility scooters.

Scout Portable Mobility Scooter

This mobility scooter is considered to be the first Drive mini mobility scooter and has many new features such as delta bars, top speed of 6.5kph, a removable battery pack in an easy to carry handle and locking mechanism, comfortable lightweight seat that swivels 360 degrees and covers a maximum range of 21kms on a full battery charge.

It is perfect for both indoor and smooth outdoor surfaces and countable on reliability comfort, performance, and style.

Scout Mobility Scooter

Scout Sport Quattro Mobility Scooter with all round suspension

This drive mobility scooter is designed for a greater relaxed ride with deluxe cushioned seating with shaped wide armrests. It is also provided with the next generation Drive splitting mechanism for transportation and easy storage. The swiveling seat is the scooter’s special feature to facilitate easy transmissions. It is also equipped with off the board and in-house charging, durable delta type handlebars for easy control and an electromagnetic braking system.

Scout Quattro_front

Viper Mobility Scooter

This brand new Viper mobility scooter from Drive medical is the newest addition to their sporty range of mobility scooters. Assembled after the success of their existing Cobra and King Cobra mobility scooters, the Viper provides a better performance with regard to comfort and reliability along with a perfect sporting design in a stronger platform.

During the manufacture of this special scooter, the user’s safety has been taken into great consideration. Likewise, an anti-roll structure has been installed to avoid difficulties in accessing hills. Further, a manual handbrake is available in the event of power stoppage and an all-around powerful lighting package with high-level indicators is also provided.


Although these mobility scooters are manufactured for people with disabilities who need to get about on a footpath, smooth surfaces or any other place they require to go, these specific scooters cannot be considered as a motor vehicle and are not allowed to be driven on an open road, unless when crossing the road or on a short distance where a footpath does not exist.

Traveling on public transport

Although mobility scooters are considered as a wheelchair and allowed on public transport, it is advisable to plan your travel to be sure of arriving at your final destination safely.

Always ensure to be visible to the driver to enable the driver to extend the ramp to get on board. Sometimes there are restrictions on the size of the mobility scooter and although most mobility scooters fit within the guidelines, additional accessories such as canopies might alter the size requirements.

Health and Social Benefit

Using a medical mobility scooter encourages a person to engage in more physical activities and gain their independence and feel secure about their wellbeing. It could also raise your self-esteem and also be able to socialize by going out and meeting your friends and relatives resulting in improving your health



Having a hospital bed in your residence is a great investment if there is a person with limited mobility in the house. Special care should be taken to ensure you can rely on the bed’s reliable service for many years to come.

Selecting a Bed

Selecting a hospital bed for home use is not an easy choice to make. Therefore, family and medical support’s advice should be sought when taking this important decision. When determining which hospital bed is best suitable for home use, it is best to think and understand the needs of the patient, identify where the bed is being placed and pricing to meet the budget available for purchase.


Electric Hospital Beds

A fully electric hospital bed has 3 features which include head up and down, foot up and down and a motor installed to activate bed move up and down instead of a lever to operate by hand. The main reason why patients prefer a fully electric hospital bed is due to this reason. The function of making the bed go up and down assists caregivers from bending over the patient. This is also referred to as an adjustable hospital bed due to its remote control functions. The semi-electric hospital bed has 2 features which include head up and down and foot up and down. The up and down motion is handled by a lever and this could sometimes be difficult for caregivers.

Hi-Lo Bed

Hi-Lo beds are manufactured to adjust high and low than normal beds. The higher rise function is easy for caregivers to transfer patients without bending too much. The high rise feature is for patients who are independent and the low function is perfect for getting in and out and also stand up easily from the bed.

blcare astute

Patient’s safety from falls

A low bed is ideal for those who are at risk of falling off the bed. Once the bed is adjusted to the lowest level, a fall will not have a serious impact on the patient.

Short-term use

Beds with springs are ideal for a person who needs a hospital bed on a short-term basis. However, it is advisable to check for metal slats or the solid deck. Invacare beds are good and economical for short-term use.


Patient’s Weight

A person’s weight plays an important role in the purchase of a hospital bed. A standard bed is suitable for anyone under 300 lbs. However, anyone weighing over 300lbs should purchase a heavy-duty bed as it is larger, comfortable, long lasting and cost effective too.


Selecting a mattress is also important depending on the patient’s requirements and size of the bed.

Railings and Castors

Railing and castors also play an important role in a hospital bed. Railing could prevent the patient from falling off the bed and also help to hold and balance to a seating position and castors help to move the bed around but ensure central locking is also installed.