Taking a trip around the world is an experience that could beneficially change your life, which is an occurrence that should be enjoyed by people in all walks of life. Handicapped people and their caregivers often try hard to operate in a world full of obstacles by way of recognition or foundation. However, there are ways and means to overcome these hurdles.

Occasionally, there are several effective factors to deal with before contemplating embarking on a trip. Herewith are some favourable tips and know-how to keep in mind and positively enjoy your experience in the best and possible way.

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Planning ahead is the kickoff at the start of a long procedure of preparing for a trip. Therefore, ensure to have extra time getting ready.

Carrying a medical prescription from your doctor on an official letterhead explaining your medical condition and medications required, inclusive of the information on any possible health complications or otherwise. Ensure to have your doctor’s or another medical representative’s phone number 24/7 to combat any emergency situation.

Carry your medical alert information with you at all times. It should be in a place where a person who responds to your alert can find it quickly. This information could be kept in a wallet card, around your neck or close to your passport or any other identification. In the event of travelling to a non-English speaking country, it is advisable to have these documents translated in the language of the country’s origin.

Prior to embarking on a trip, it is advisable to practice mingling with crowds, for approximately 15 minutes per day. This helps those with noise sensitivity to get used to unfamiliar sounds. It also assists to adapt to a new, unusual place more easily.


How to Reach the Destination

Although planning is the first step, it is also apparently the most vital mode of action. Prior to really embarking in your dream holiday, schedule your itineraries such as hotel bookings, tour plans and most importantly transportation. Although making plans one month ahead might seem complicated, especially if the tour plan include Big Ben, those with special needs will be very satisfied and grateful for planning a guided tour.

Most train companies require to be informed 24 hours before to honour the extra assistance needed. However, if you are in a quandary, it is known to be done as soon as 5 minutes before departure. There are plenty of travel agents and resources that can apprehend your situation and focus on giving the best travelling services imaginable.

Figure out public transport option you may require. Find out whether the city has a rail system. Ensure the mode of transport has space for wheelchair users, the type of accessible options at certain attractions. Don’t be discouraged if you have issues walking as you can still get to the top of any star monuments.


Travel Products

Analyse your mobility level and carry a mobility aid to suit according to necessity. The Scout Quattro mobility scooter, Rollator four wheeled seat walker, and Travel Lite electric folding power chair are some of the products that are airline friendly and available at Independent Living Specialists’ stores Australia wide with free delivery to the door for online customers.

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Many people who have survived spinal cord injury will find regaining their independence as the most distinctly momentous accomplishment in their lives. Resorting to getting more help, changing to different devices in consideration of being unsuccessful or greatest failure are some of the compromises that can be viewed for independence. Although it is difficult to not to feel the pain and tiredness that comes after many years of propelling a manual chair, changing to a power chair could be the best way to sustain that freedom.

Signs and Symptoms:

Acceptance of a switch is hardly very simple. Many spinal cord injury patients prefer to ignore the signals indicating a power chair would be the best for them. Forming a vision in their mind in a power chair or accepting the fact that it is a necessity could be the hardest arrangement to accept for those inflicted with SCI.


Physical Therapists state that the level of injury, the period of post-injury and age are three major issues that result in symptoms that bring about people to change their equipment. These 3 factors often relate and result in the following issues.

  • Drop in strength or function.
  • Intensified pain
  • Reduced mobility
  • Increase or loss in weight
  • Becoming inactive
  • Sores in the skin
  • Issues with posture
  • Tiredness
  • Caregivers becoming old


The stigma of being disabled is one reason that makes people refrain from using or changing the equipment. Some think they need to let go of their attitude of living for the moment while some others try hard to believe that changing equipment doesn’t mean going backward. In some instances, family and caregivers also battle with stigma issues and need to be guided. Some are not knowledgeable of the necessity of maintaining energy and strength to retain the quality of life and need to be educated on equipment changes such as power chairs which can save shoulder muscles and joints.


Reason to Change:

In order to determine if it is necessary to change to a power chair, making a personal summary can be helpful.

  • Do you avoid going to certain places where you used to go or don’t want to go due to it being too hard or not worth the journey?
  • Do you have constant pain in the shoulder when propelling?
  • Do you feel less tired and pain on the days that you don’t wheel much?

True Facts:

Current research has revealed that more than 50% of long-term SCI survivors are changing their equipment to sustain their mobility, independence, and movements and also to maintain the welfare of their caregivers and attendants.

The Pride Jazzy Select 6 Power Chair features an in-line motor technology for increased efficiency, torque and range coupled with a PG GC 2 Controller. Built with ease of service in mind and easy side access batteries, the Pride Jazzy has been built for ease of use and comfort.

The Pride Jazzy Select 6 Power Chair features an in-line motor technology for increased efficiency, torque and range coupled with a PG GC 2 Controller. Built with ease of service in mind and easy side access batteries, the Pride Jazzy has been built for ease of use and comfort.

40% of the 180,000 spinal cord injury survivors in the USA are over 45 years of age and one in four has lived with the injury for over 20 years. A few people believe that the ageing process is faster in those who have SCI. Further, studies from Britain also supports the truth of faster ageing in people in their late forties and early fifties due to decline in movement.

Independent Living Specialists has a wide array of branded power chairs in their stores with free delivery to online customers Australia wide.



A self-propelled wheelchair is a device which can be used by all types of people no matter the elderly or handicapped. It is very useful for people who find it difficult to walk or cannot stand for a longer period of time which necessitates being transported whilst seated. Transit and self-propelled wheelchairs are the two main types of manual wheelchairs that are generally used for these purposes.

A transit wheelchair is usually equipped with small rear wheels and the user cannot propel oneself while seated. Accordingly, a caregiver or another person will be required for assistance. Contrarily, a self-propelled wheelchair has larger wheels with push rims or rings reachable by the user, enabling the occupant to propel independently on any distance depending on the user’s capabilities and the type of chair.

Identifying the prime purpose of the chair

The major primary move to identify the right manual wheelchair for a specific need is to determine the reason why the chair is required. In some instances, it may only be required to be used for outings, visit to the doctor or as a mode of transport when it is impossible to walk the needed distance. A wheelchair may come in useful for a permanently disabled person for the mobility but a self-propelled wheelchair may not be useful to those who need to use a wheelchair occasionally in comparison to those who use it permanently.

Highly efficient and easy to use, the BasiX 2 Self Propelled is a great value wheelchair for fleet management. Now available at ILS.

Highly efficient and easy to use, the BasiX 2 Self Propelled is a great value wheelchair for fleet management. Now available at ILS.


Adjust-ability is another important feature that has to be considered. A perfect portable wheelchair is usually lightweight, compact and foldable. But this feature is not necessary for wheelchairs that could be transported in a wheelchair accessible vehicle with the user in the chair. The weight of the device is certainly important when a transit wheelchair is propelled by a caregiver as the weight will determine how easy or hard it will be for someone to push the occupied chair.

Total Weight

A transit wheelchair is usually lighter when carrying due to the size of the rear wheel, but the large rear wheel of a self-propelled wheelchair makes it easy to be pushed over gravel, grass or even small steps. Further, it is preferable to use a self-propelled wheelchair to encounter uneven ground even if the distance is short. A transit wheelchair will be very difficult or almost impossible for the user to move around independently in most uneven ground areas.

The Invacare Action 3NG wheelchair has been re-engineered to make sure you receive a superior driving performance.

The Invacare Action 3NG wheelchair has been re-engineered to make sure you receive a superior driving performance.

User’s Special Requirement

Looking for additional features depending on the user’s special requirements as some people may need postural support or pressure care cushion depending on their handicap. It is important to be aware of the recommended maximum user weight and the depth and width of the seat are vital for the overall support and comfort of the occupier, especially for long term users. It is essential to ensure the weight is evenly distributed across the seating area and width is not too big to obstruct reaching to the armrests. Narrow seats are bodily uncomfortable and lead to pressure sores. Depth of the seat is vital as the seat should be long enough to be sure the thighs are supported well. But if the seat depth is too long, this might cause pressure behind the knees. Therefore, the right seating extent is important for the correct support and comfort of the user.

Benefits of Accessories

Usually, some of the accessories considered by users are trays, carry bags or oxygen bottle holders. A tilt in space wheelchair is the best option for some very high need clients as it is the best for their pressure care and comfort needs. These type of wheelchairs can also facilitate respiratory function in addition to providing pressure relief and positioning.

The Auscare Shopper 12 Transit Extra Wide Wheelchair has all the same great features of the standard width Shopper wheelchair with the added benefit of a larger seat and removable armrests.

The Auscare Shopper 12 Transit Extra Wide Wheelchair has all the same great features of the standard width Shopper wheelchair with the added benefit of a larger seat and removable armrests.heel




A Mobility scooter is generally termed as a motorized wheelchair and anyone who uses this device is referred to as a ‘pedestrian’ under the NSW road rules.

Mobility Scooter Registration in NSW

Registering a mobility scooter is not a necessity according to NSW law. However, it is necessary to comply with the NSW road rules.

NSW Road Rules and Regulations

  • Not allowed to travel faster than 10kms per hour on level ground
  • Unladed weight of the device should not exceed 110kgm.
  • It should not be used on the road unless it is impossible to travel on the footpath or pavement.
  • If a pavement or footpath is not available, the device should be kept to the far side of the road and face oncoming traffic.
  • A motorized scooter cannot be used with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05 or more.


License to drive a mobility scooter

A special license is not required to ride a mobility scooter. However, the user should be unable to walk or has difficulty in walking to be able to legally drive this device.

Third Party Insurance

Third party insurance is not a requirement.

Required skills to drive a mobility scooter safely

A few basic skills are required to operate the mobility scooter safely. Operating the controls and manoeuvring the machine is a top priority. Balancing and adjusting the body position when travelling on rough terrain. Be observant of obstacles and avoid colliding. Speeds and distances should be judged appropriately and make good decisions to protect your safety and others.


QLD Road Rules and Regulations

Mobility scooters fall under the motorized wheelchair category with the Queensland Department of Transport and main roads and the device is restricted by law to a maximum speed of 10km/h and a maximum tare weight of 110kg. Further, a mobility scooter can be used only by the registered user.

Mobility Scooter registration and Third party insurance in QLD

All mobility scooters have to be registered if it is being used in public roads, pavements or footpaths. Further, there is no levy for registration or compulsory third party insurance.

Information for the Registration

  • A certificate or statement from a doctor indicating the user needs to use a mobility scooter for assistant travel due to severe immobility.
  • A vehicle registration application form (F3518)
  • A vehicle details form (F3529)
  • A motorized wheelchair statement form (F4414)
  • Proof of the vehicle’s origin such as former registration papers or purchase receipt.
  • Proof of the vehicle’s garaging address such as QLD driver license, rates notice, electricity or phone bill.
  • Proof of personal identification such as QLD driver license. Other details of ID can be obtained from the Evidence of Identity information sheet(F4362).


Driving License to drive a mobility scooter in QLD

A driving license is not a necessity but it is necessary to have a certificate from a doctor verifying the need for assisted travel due to severe immobility.

QLD Road Rules

The user should be able to operate the machine safely and comply with all road rules of Queensland as well as the pedestrians.

The user should always give way to other road users on a path or nature strip, driving as close to the side of the road as possible, using the most direct route available while crossing the road and driving not faster than 10km/h.





A mobility scooter is an asset to the handicapped, elderly or patients with limited mobility. Independent Living Specialists provide tailor-made models with the best mileage to meet the requirements of people who need this equipment. All ILS stores Australia wide is equipped with a wide range of renowned brands of these scooters on hire or buying options.


This device provides a comfortable ride to immobile people who need to travel on footpaths, rough surfaces or any other place they may need to go. It gives them a sense of independence to carry on their normal activities. Being mindful of the mileage is essential if the user is contemplating riding to fairly long distances.

Best Mileage

Sunrise Medical Sterling S700 mobility scooter, Comet Alpine Plus mobility scooter, Invacare Comet Ultra mobility scooter, Viper mobility scooter and Shoprider Rocky 889 golf mobility scooter are some of the scooters that provide the best mileage.

Sunrise Medical Sterling S700 Mobility Scooter

This device is considered as the pacesetter in mobility scooters with its high outdoor performance features. Equipped with large 75AH battery power to cover an extended range up to 55km. It can deal with hill slopes of 10 degrees, greater pavement edges and any obstacles with its large 33cm tyres. It is actually a mobility scooter invented for an active person.

Sunrise Medical Mobility Scooters available through ILSAU

Comet Alpine Plus Mobility Scooter

This is a brand new product invented to provide a quick pull with its large motor. It’s a strong power unit and built-in 4-point independent suspension makes it excellent for outdoor use. This device ensures an uninterrupted comfortable drive even on a rough path and is also designed to navigate through the most challenging cliffs. It also has a variety of safety features such as speed reduction when turning, brake light when halting and a 2-step disconnecting level to prevent the scooter from moving on its own. It is able to cover a mileage of 50km on battery power.

COMET ALPINE PLUS CV02 Mobility Scooter

Invacare Comet ULTRA Mobility Scooter

This outdoor mobility scooter can cover a mileage up to 50km and the best device for those weighing up to 220kg. Its many safety features ensure a secure ride fast and comfortably.

Comet Ultra Mobility Scooter

Viper Mobility Scooter

This inventive product from Drive Medical is one of the newest models in their sporty range of mobility scooters with a mileage of 48km and offers a large degree of comfort and dependence in a strong foundation. Giving priority to the safety of the user during its invention of this unique scooter, the features include an anti-roll structure to avert any obstacles while moving uphill. In addition, a manual handbrake has been installed in case of power stoppage and the standard powerful lighting package is inclusive of high-level indicators.


Shoprider Rocky 889 Golf Mobility Scooter

This mobility scooter has a mileage of 45km with a maximum user weight capacity of 225kg and ideal to be used in your local golf course in addition to other places around your home whilst maintaining a stable and comfortable ride.

Shoprider Rocky 889 Golf Scooter
All mobility scooters available at Independent Living Specialists are delivered free to the doorstep for online customers.