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It is important that a differently abled person feels secure and independent in a bathroom. Now, mobility aids that warrant to assist in the support and control in the bathroom are procurable and in addition, these devices are certainly important to assure a handicapped person feel self-reliant.

When it comes to elders, most of them find it difficult to get about independently, and this is where mobility aids provide support and stability. When an elder is unsteady doing actions such as sitting down or walking, it becomes important to ensure their safety by finding a mobility aid that fits their requirement. Usually, 1/3 elderly people fall in their homes on a yearly basis, and it is a known fact that elders need mobility aids for their support and safety.

A Quick Guide To Bathing Aids 2

Although using the toilet or having a bath or shower is a daily routine, it is not that easy for a handicapped person. Most of them need help to carry out their daily ablutions or personal hygiene. However, a wide range of mobility aids are now available to alter people’s lives to the greatest degree.

Standard Mobility Aids for Moveability

Elderly population living independently at home can access mobility aids designed to get about in the bathroom.

Bath Lift

A hot bath can relieve stress and ease sore joints but using a normal bath could be difficult for a differently abled person and this device could be fitted over a standard bat tub to assist the person in and out through an electric mechanism generally attached to the wall. It can be raised and lowered into the bath with a push of a button, minimising the requirement of having a person to assist getting in and out of the bathtub.

The Bellavita Bath Lift is a very light battery-operated reclining device with a special opening in the front to enhance your personal hygiene. Weighing 9.3kg it has 4 suction cups for anti-slip bath base, padded seat, and backrest for additional comfort, built-in safety control, and hand control floats to access the control buttons easily whilst bathing.

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Shower Seating

Those who find it difficult to stand in a shower could use a shower seat to overcome this issue. Various seatings have been designed such as stools that could be fitted across a bath or attached to the wall and folded down when required. All seats available are easy to be kept clean, and it can undoubtedly take the pressure off the feet whilst having a shower any time of the day.

Hero Medical shower chair and the non-padded shower stool are solid and free of corrosion. The Auscare aluminium shower stool is another product that is safe and comfortable when showering. It comes with a lifetime warranty and complies, according to Australian standards. It is designed with adjustable legs, with zero possibility of the legs being filled with water. The height of the inner sliding legs is adjustable.

Safety Railing

Safety railing in the bathroom is helpful when a person has difficulty standing up from a seated position or have jitters of slipping in the shower. These rails have been manufactured to withstand any weight and move about safely in the bathroom. There is also an option of portable grip handle rails which could be attached to the wall via suction, for people who do not want permanent rails.

A Quick Guide To Bathing Aids 4

Hero brand grab rails are now available at ILS, built with stainless steel to last long to assist in the mobility around the home.

The ILS ADL Suction Grab Rail is a great assistance for more support in the bathroom or toilet. It is portable and could be easily fixed or removed.


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