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A Wheelchair provides maximum mobility for seniors , individuals with a disablity, and is of great assistance for their caregivers as well. Although these people might be stricken with reduced mobility, it helps them to participate in everyday activities and carry out their daily chores with ease. The social life and mental health of the users are also benefited immensely with the use of a wheelchair.

Transit Wheelchairs

Transit wheelchairs can make a journey of a senior or a disabled person hassle-free regardless of the miles, destination, or mode of transport.

A transit wheelchair is usually propelled by a caregiver or assistant and has smaller back wheels in comparison to a self-propelling wheelchair, enabling the caregiver or family member to transport the wheelchair to the required locations.

In some instances, transit wheelchairs with larger rear wheels could be self-propelled, enabling the user to manoeuvre the chair by self.

Omega Lite Transit Wheelchair

This is a popular product of ILS featuring a lightweight aluminium frame with removable swing-away footrests and a foldable backrest. It is the perfect portable wheelchair with 8-inch rear wheels, attendant brakes, and weight capacity of 125 kgs.

Electric wheelchair

An electric wheelchair is operated through an electric motor. It is helpful for those who are unable to manoeuvre a manual wheelchair or those who find operating a manual wheelchair tiring. These are used not only by the usual mobility-impaired persons but also by those stricken with cardiovascular and those who get tired easily.

Types Of Wheelchairs And Its Accessories 2

Wheelchair Accessories 

Wheelchair accessories often come in handy to make the lives of a wheelchair user easier. Accessories such as portable ramps, safety belts, attendant controlled bracket, and wheelchair tray are some popular items that can be used with a wheelchair.

Portable Ramps

The Decpac Ramp is a lightweight and portable ramp , manufactured with a mix of carbon material and fibreglass to give the ramp additional strength. It could be folded easily into an accordion-style, which makes it easy to be stored away and used later. It is also non-slippery and equipped with pads at the top and bottom of the ramp for more safety. It does not need assembling.

Wheelchair Safety Belt

Priced economically, this is a useful hook and loop style belt for increased safety and positioning in a wheelchair.

Attendant Controlled Bracket

This controlled bracket helps the caregiver to drive and control the wheelchair while strolling behind. It is ideal for patients who are unable to control or drive the wheelchair by themselves and need assistance in controlling the wheelchair.

Wheelchair Tray

The universal wheelchair tray has been manufactured with lightweight plastic for easy manoeuvring. The tip edge is raised to prevent items from falling off the tray. It is also fitted with a cup holder.

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