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Senior care equipment can help a lot to make a change in the lives of any senior either with handicap or mobility issues.

Senior care

Caring for a senior is one of the hardest and strenuous tasks ever to do. Caregivers are at risk of serious health conditions due to these reasons and therefore, it is vital to watch your step and not overwork yourself daily. To stay healthy and continue giving the best care, slowing yourself and getting assistance is the best option. Resorting to using senior care equipment is also considered as a good assistive tool to avoid stress in senior care management.

How Equipment can help

Most seniors prefer to live in their own homes if possible, but it is challenging especially when the health deteriorates. However, the availability of many flexible equipment and safety tools usable to meet the elder’s requirement is a boon to these people.

The elder’s independence can be increased with assistive devices. Their home could be made safer and more accessible after closely evaluating the current living environment and choosing the correct equipment.

Type of Equipment:

Bariatric bathroom & toileting, bariatric pressure care, hospital/age care equipment and lift chair accessories are some equipment that assists whilst keeping the elders safe in their own homes.

Bariatric Bathroom & Toileting

The “Hero” brand extra wide shower chair is one of the most sought-after equipment in the bathroom and toileting bariatric care part. It is wide, comfortable, and safe with adjustable height to suit the user’s requirement with integrated arms for transfer assistance. The back is supported with a one-piece moulded shell plastic supported by a lifetime warranty sturdy aluminium frame

Bariatric Pressure Care

The Talley quattro sentinel mattress is ideal for avoidance and therapy of pressure ulcers and particularly made for the care of bariatric patients. It has been tested and proven to provide pressure relief, lower moderate interface pressures, and increase comfort. It can accommodate a weightage of 408kgs.

Hospital /Age Care Equipment

The Scaleo Shado Shower Trolley is a popular equipment in this category. It has been exclusively designed to give maximum comfort, protect the dignity of the users, and minimize injuries related to work.
The device’s height is adjustable enabling caregivers to shower their patients while maintaining a correct working posture and resulting in a very efficient showing experience.

How Senior Care Equipment Can Assist & Make A Difference 2
Lift Chair Accessories

Guardsman Fabric Protection Elite is a well-liked lift chair accessory. It provides total protection against any type of spills that could become a permanent stain. This fabric protector enhances the care of your furniture investment.

How Can Independent Living Specialists Help?

Independent Living Specialists gives their assistance by providing a complete guarantee in all ILS products. In the past 16 years, it has grown to be one of Australia’s biggest hospital and home-care equipment suppliers. Their well-trained staff are on hand in all their stores Australia wide to guide and assist in selecting the correct product suit to the customer’s requirement.

ILS also has occupational therapists to support combined health professionals, customers, and their families to decide on the equipment and expedite special clinical conclusions. The large portfolio of products ensures the recommendations are not limited to certain products only but fairly guided by clinically based customer conclusions.

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