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Hoists have been designed to transfer patients securely from a seated position to a standing position, making it easier for both the caregiver and patient. These hoists are accompanied by accessories such as specialized padded hand grips, lifting harnesses, and supporting straps to ankles and knees, to assist during the process of standing or sitting.

A hoist is normally a sturdy metal frame which may be mobile or immobile.
The frame is fitted with a lifting mechanism to be operated manually or powered by electricity. A sling is suspended from the frame to support and carry the person from one place to another.

A manual hoist is operated through a winding mechanism or a hand pump. Electric hoists are operated with a power pack/battery that needs charging. These should have emergency stop buttons and mechanisms to allow the hoist to be lowered without battery power in an emergency.

Quick Guide To Selecting Hoists 2
Hoists are also known as active or passive. An active hoist could be used when a person can bear some personal weight and has a stable body. These hoists are, used to provide support when a person stands. A passive hoist provides support to lift a person without any active effort from the patient.

Top 7 Hoists At Independent Living Specialists 

The top 7 hoists of Independent Living Specialists are scaleo compact poweo patient lifter with 4 point spreader, Birdie 180 kg patient lifter, Birdie compact patient lift hoist, Invacare is a stand assist aid, Oxford advance compact portable hoist, Scaleo compact poweo patient lifter with special safety sling clips + removable battery and Hoist – Scaleo premium poweo.

Product and Details

We’ve listed the top seven hoists along with product details for convenience.

Product Details
Scaleo compact poweo patient lift with 4-point spreader This is a light and foldable product and suitable for home care and nursing homes.  It is ideal for any kind of transfers such as lifting from the floor.
Birdie 180kg Patient Lift Hoists This hoist offers a comfortable lift and transfer to or from chairs, beds or even the floor. It increases space for the user even at the highest position and the user can be rotated easily. It has been designed for highest escalation of space and easy handling. It is easy to unfold, fold and dismantle without tools.
Birdie Compact Patient Lift Hoist This device is 5cm wide and the only lifter that is TUV certified. The push bar provides the care giver to keep their hands comfortably while moving the lifter, reducing a likely strain. Less force is required to manoeuvre the lifter due to its 100mm rolling casters that makes it easy to push the lifter.
Invacare ISA Stand Assist Aid This hoist has been designed to serve a spectrum of users who need help when transferring while bearing the weight. It is a device for those who need help whilst being independent. Suitable for those who are unable to raise themselves unaided despite having weight bearing ability. The hand grips position the hands in a natural manner. Its extendable lifting arm complies with the person’s height and preference.  The lower leg support maintains the lower legs with greatest support. Could be dismantled and assembled without tools.
Oxford Advance Compact Portable Hoist This hoist is a compact device used to transfer a patient with comfort and ease. Minimal effort is required whether to transfer from a bed or floor.  Its special tapered leg is designed to reach any obstacle beyond reach, especially encountering bulky chairs, big commodes or large wheelchairs.
Scaleo Compact Poweo Patient Lifter with Special Safety Sling Clips + Removable Battery This hoist is made in France and comes with a comprehensive warranty of 5 years. It is light and foldable ideal for home care and nursing homes.  Its ergonomic design and soft curves increasing the performance of facilitating transfers and care.
Hoist – Scaleo Premium Poweo 300kg (SLS 4 Point Suspension) This hoist has been manufactured especially for bariatric care and permits any kind of transfer within a hospital environment to prevent musculoskeletal sickness. It is available with a suspension of 4-point or electric tilting and could be equipped with medical sale or large range slings useable to specific requirements of bariatric care
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