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In the world of homecare, ensuring comfort, functionality, and safety when selecting a homecare bed are top priorities. Whether you’re an Occupational Therapist looking for the right fit for your client or a caregiver aiming to enhance care quality for a loved one, the Royale Multi-Motion Bed range offers a solution that’s both highly functional and aesthetically appealing.

Experience Functional Excellence

Crafted with precision, the Royale Multi-Motion Bed is designed to meet the clinical needs of users while seamlessly integrating into any home environment. With full hospital-grade profiling functions, this bed prioritises user comfort, positioning, and safety. Available in various sizes with a range of accessories, it caters to individual functional and clinical requirements.

Improving Home Care Comfort with the Royale Multi-Motion Bed Range 2

Customise Your Sleep Experience

Thanks to the independent movement functions of the Royale Multi-Motion Bed, this bed offers the ability to tailor positioning to clinical needs and personal preferences. From adjustable backrest to knee break and height adjustments, Trendelenberg and reverse Trendelenberg functions, this bed offers a full range of positioning options for optimum comfort and support – whether you’re reading, watching TV, or simply relaxing.

Clinical Features

The Royale Multi-Motion Bed offers clinical-grade support and safety. With features like positioning for pressure area care, adjustments for falls prevention, and compatibility with other medical equipment, it’s designed to enhance the quality of life for users. It’s also compatible with a range of accessories, designed to ensure safety and make caregiving tasks easier. Intuitive features like back-lit hand controls and smooth-swivel castors make it user-friendly.

Improving Home Care Comfort with the Royale Multi-Motion Bed Range 3

Curate a Sleep Retreat

Create a personalised sleep sanctuary with the Royale Multi-Motion Bed. Choose from a range of upholstery colours and bed sizes to suit your home environment and decor. Optional head and foot boards add a touch of style while adhering to safety guidelines.

Explore Safety and Support Accessories

Safety is crucial in homecare, and the Royale Multi-Motion Bed ensures peace of mind. With built-in safety features like battery backup and padded bed surrounds, it adds an extra layer of security.

From a range of bed rails to IV poles, these accessories provide extra comfort, reassurance, and support for users and caregivers.

In conclusion, The Royale Multi-Motion Bed introduces a fresh perspective on homecare beds, offering superior functionality, comfort, and an enhanced sleep experience. Discover the future of homecare beds today with the Royale Multi-Motion Bed.

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