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The World Health Organisation is working tirelessly with governments of countries to curtail the spread of COVID-19. Incidentally, it is reported that the majority of patients are adults and out of 44,672 confirmed patients in China only 2.1% were below 20 years.

Facts from WHO

Prevailing symptoms include fever, dry cough and shortness of breath. Early reports indicated acuteness of the illness was connected to people over 60 or those with a complicated medical history.

Early detection helps in the clinical care of the patients, resorting to isolating them immediately and starting on suitable control and preventive measures, providing significant care for those with mild sickness and advanced extra care for those where the disease has advanced.

WHO has published guidance for patient management which includes guidance for temporary clinical caring for hospitalised patients and guidance for treatment at home if the health care system is breaking down.

World Health Organisation - Clinical Management Of Patients With Covid-19 2

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is a primary mediation in medical care for patients with severe COVID19. All countries have been directed to improve the availability of Oximeters and medical oxygen systems. Loss of life in people with critical illness has been reported as 50%, therefore, implementing a proven critical care mediation in the form of improving the protection of lung ventilation. More information on critical care clinical training materials for COVID19 is available on

Independent Living Specialists Respiratory Products

ILS has been a pioneer in providing a wide range of floor standing and portable oxygen concentrators. Portable oxygen concentrators give the liberty of carrying on your daily chores in a normal manner. You can choose the one suitable depending on your oxygen needs, lifestyle and environment. Some of the well-known brands have been chosen considering their invincible reputation for consistency, quality and reliability.

Product Details
The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter This is used to spot check oxygen saturation in the blood, pulse rate and indicate instant warnings when it rises.
Inogen One G5 oxygen concentrator Engineered to be used for 24 hrs it is lightweight and efficient. Its interface is designed with easily readable  LCD displays and less complicated control functions.
Inogen One G3 HF oxygen concentrator This is the smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator. It could be carried with one hand.
SeQuel Eclipse 5 Oxygen Concentrator The internal components of this product have improved its reliability. DC power operation allows the full function to run from DC outlets.
Universal Oxygen Mask It’s a plastic oxygen mask usually used for oxygen therapy. It is disposable this reducing cleaning cost and infection risk.
Inogen One G3 battery 16 cell This battery is a 16 cell lithium battery with a duration of hours power when it’s set on setting 2
Inogen One G3 Replacement Columns This device combines sieve beds to convert normal air into medical grade oxygen. Sterilized oxygen is important for patients with respiratory illnesses.

More products in addition to the above are available at all ILS stores and via with delivery Australia wide.

Source via WHO

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