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Inogen One G3 Replacement Columns Sieve Bed Pair


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Inogen One G3 Replacement Columns pair are utilized with Inogen One G3 units. The device incorporates sieve beds to convert normal air into medical grade oxygen. Uncontaminated oxygen by Sieve Replacement Columns is absolutely vital for COPD patients and those diagnosed with respiratory illnesses. They are advised to be replaced every 12-18 months to ensure the G3 unit works flawlessly.  A low oxygen purity alert is issued 30 days prior to the time when the Replacement Column Pair requires to be changed and is also indicated by the “O2 Service Soon” on the LCD screen display. The device is sold as a pair.


Features Of Inogen One G3 Replacement Columns Pair

  • Cater a quick and easy way to service Inogen One G3 Concentrator to minimize the need for repair and maintenance
  • Oxygen concentrator sieve beds filter out the nitrogen from the air coming into the concentrator
  • Air gets concentrated into oxygen after passing through the second filter
  • Oxygen coming through the nasal cannula will be less pure and enough of nitrogen will not be removed if the sieve beds are not functioning properly
  • Malfunctioning sieve beds will not give the oxygen dosage needed to treat COPD or other diseases that affect the lungs
  • Being easy to replace, the column replacement process of these columns can be completed in minutes without using any special tools
  • Clear step-by-step instructions enable easy switching out of the column pair without tools
  • Dimensions: 2″W x 2″L x 5″H
  • Cost efficient Inogen accessory
  • FAA Approved

When to Replace Inogen One G3 Columns?

  • Inogen One G3 Replacement Columns are suggested to be replaced in every 12 to 18 months to boost the life of the G3 unit
  • In certain conditions like dust or smoke, you might need to replace them sooner
  • Inogen One G3 will give an alert as to when the Sieve Replacement Columns need to be replaced
  • Low purity alert will read: “O2 Service Soon”
  • 30 days are given to replace the columns before the concentrator starts to fail to function properly
  • No maintenance man need to be called to replace the columns
  • No special tools or training required
  • Replacing the columns is as easy as replacing batteries
  • 30 days prior alert gives plenty of time to order the Replacement Column Pair online
  • One should be able to replace the columns long before 30 days are up

How To Replace Inogen One G3 Columns?

Removing Sieve Replacement Columns:

  1. Press the power button to turn off the Inogen One G3 concentrator.
  2. Remove the battery from the device.
  3. Turn Inogen One G3 in such a way that it is standing in the upside down position where the bottom of the Inogen One G3 is facing up and the display panel is facing down.
  4. There are two Inogen One G3 Replacement Columns on the device and one is located on each side of the device.
  5. Remove Replacement Column Pair by pressing the latch button with thumb or finger.
  6. While holding the button open and gripping the exposed aluminum surface with other hand, slide the column out.
  7. Remove the column completely from the Inogen One G3.
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 to remove the other column.

Installing Sieve Replacement Columns:

  1. Remove dust caps of new Inogen One G3 Replacement Columns. Make sure that no dust or debris is present where the dust caps were located.
  2. Insert column into the Inogen One G3 concentrator as soon as the dust caps have been removed. Do not leave the column exposed.
  3. Push the column into the device such that it is fully seated. Ensure that spring loaded latch button returns fully to the closed position.
  4. To install the other column, repeat steps 1 – 3.
  5. Connect the AC power supply cord to the Inogen One G3 and plug the power supply AC cord into an electrical outlet. Do not power on the device.
  6. Press and hold the light button for about 10 seconds and screen will display “sieve reset” message. Once the message is displayed on the screen, release the button.
  7. Press the bell button once and screen will display “sieve reset successful”.
  8. Press on the power button and use the device normally.

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