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OT Services

At Independent Living Specialists (ILS) we pride ourselves on employing Occupational Therapist’s (OT’s), who specialise in assistive technology and equipment prescription. Our OT’s are available to offer clinical advice and support in a variety of ways including general advice and recommendations, private consultation, products demonstration and trials and educational in-services and training. These services are available for the private client through to clinicians, therapists and care and support advisors.

Where a client may require further assessment to identify their needs, and an in-home equipment assessment is required, our OT’s are all nationally registered and available for, one-off, fee for service assessments, by referral only.

Please contact us today to discuss the most suitable service for your needs and location.


MICHAEL PORTELLI OT / NSW & QLD Home and Community Team Lead (Western Sydney Region)

My role as an Occupational Therapist at ILS is to work collaboratively with prescribing clinicians, clients and their carers/ families to provide easy to understand clinical reasoning which helps facilitate the trialling and prescription of suitable assistive technologies and equipment. As an Occupational Therapist I focus on improving a client’s functional outcomes and maximising their independence, whilst also maintaining their safety. My clinical skill set has been developed through previous experience within the Australian residential Aged Care sector. Email Michael at

AMY TODD OT / Account Manager ( South West Sydney Region)

As an Occupational Therapist, I help to enable people in their home and community environments to be as independent as possible, as well as helping carers and family and fellow allied health and nursing staff in this process. My experience as an OT varies from large hospital settings to more rural and remote community settings. I have most recently worked as an OT in the community setting, where I feel my passion lies, assisting people to achieve their goals in everyday living. Email Amy at

LOUISE VELLA OT / Account Manager ( Greater West Sydney & Blue Mountains )

As an OT I have worked in various settings, including; paediatrics, physical disability, residential aged care and most recently in Occupational Rehabilitation on the defence account. My role at ILS is to provide clinical equipment support and advice to individuals, families and prescribing clinicians. Throughout my experience I have always valued the opportunity to make a positive impact by working collaboratively with clients and/ or with their personal and professional supports to determine a meaningful goal, to ultimately facilitate the client to live a more independent and quality lifestyle. Email Louise at

JESSICA SCULLY OT / Hospital and Acute Care Division Manager

As an Occupational Therapist for the ILS Hospital and Acute Care Team, my role is to support Sydney Hospitals in providing the best quality care for their patients. My diverse experience in acute and community settings, as well as time spent in operating theatres, gives me a sound understanding of what patients experience whilst in Hospital.

I am excited to partner with you and support your decision making around pressure injury management and facility equipment prescription to get optimal outcomes for your patients; whatever the goals of care may be. Email Jessica at :

ANTOINETTE BOURKE OT/ Account Manager ( Sydney Northern & Central Coast Suburbs )

As an Occupational Therapist I am extremely passionate about assisting clients to maintain maximum independence in daily activities and lead fulfilling lives. My role at ILS involves
working closely with clients, their families and clinicians to educate and prescribe equipment which will facilitate their participation in their activities of daily living. My clinical
experience involves work within a neurological and rehabilitation setting and community equipment prescription. Email Antoinette at:

GEMMA INGLOTT OT/ Account Manager ( South / West Sydney Suburbs )

As an Occupational Therapist at ILS, my passion is to enable people to achieve their goals and increase their independence. I love working together with therapists and clients and being creative to ensure solutions are tailored to each individual, and are practical for them. My experience working as an OT includes medical, aged and orthopedic caseloads in the acute hospital setting, and more recently with adults in the community.Email Gemma at:

Caroline Graham OT / Clinical Educator ( Sydney )

As an Occupational Therapist in the ILS Hospital and Acute Care team my role is to educate, train and support clinicians in selecting and effectively using our range of pressure care and clinical equipment. With extensive experience as occupational therapist and specialist training as an educator in the medical device industry, I am confident I can equip you to improve and support patient outcomes. Email Caroline at:

ANJA HAUENSCHILD OT / VIC & SA Home and Community Team Lead

My experience is varied, but primarily focussed on community based physical rehabilitation and falls prevention. I believe that providing expert information and advice for people to make informed decisions about their needs is vital in maximising independence and safety with everyday activities. email Anja at

TONY DOAN OT / Victoria Account Manager

I’m extremely excited to be part of the team at ILS. I have been working as an Senior Occupational Therapist in Aged Care and have experience working in Paediatrics, Community Aged Care and Aged Care Facilities. I currently give back to the community by working as Occupational Therapist for the Vietnamese Community on the weekends. I am young, enthusiastic and strive to continuously learn and grow, not only as an Occupational Therapist but most importantly as an individual. Email Tony at:

Sally Kentell OT / Account Manager For VIC

I am an enthusiastic OT motivated to achieve independence for people in their daily activities that they want and need to do. I am passionate about providing solutions for people that will improve their quality of life. I enjoy working with people in their own home and community environment to see the positive impacts a piece of equipment can have on one’s life and others around them. Email Sally at:

EMMA HOSKINS OT / QLD Home and Community

I am a motivated Occupational Therapist who values working collaboratively with clients in the community to achieve their personal goals through improved functional outcomes. As an OT I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients within community, hospital and vocational rehabilitation settings, both in the UK and Australia. I am delighted to be part of the team at ILS where the focus is a holistic approach to improve independence and quality of life for clients. Email Emma at:

ANNE MCINTOSH OT/ Account Manager (SA)

I am delighted to join Independent Living Specialists (ILS) and align with the ILS vision of assisting clients in finding the “right fit” with equipment which promotes quality, independent living. My experience as an Occupational Therapist includes clinical work in the U.K., Canada, Saudi Arabia and Australia with serious (complex) injuries and most recently in occupational rehabilitation. I have a strong background in provision of functional solutions aimed at assisting people in living their best lives.Email Anne at

STEWART MCDONAGH OT / Clinical Division Manager

At ILS Rehab we specialise in Seating & Mobility. We have a dynamic & motivated team who provide a diverse range of clinical & technical knowledge ensuring positive outcomes for our customers.As an Occupational Therapist it is great to be part of a company that is compassionate, customer centred & provides a holistic approach to their support of individuals living with a medical condition or disability. Email Stewart at

DYLAN KING OT / Seating Specialist ( Adelaide )

I believe that everyone should have access to equipment that allows them to engage in activities that they feel makes their life worthwhile. With a background in Biomedical Sciences, and a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy, I am well equipped to understand the unique needs and goals of individuals with a medical condition or disability. My meticulous personality means that I am committed to achieving the best outcomes for my clients through collaboration, asking the right questions, and exploring appropriate options to achieve their goals.Email Dylan at :


I am an energetic and dedicated Occupational Therapist who enjoys working with clients and their families to provide optimal functional outcomes. I have a keen interest in the seating and mobility industry and have been working in this field since before I graduated from University. I love finding creative ways to make sure every client gets the most out of their mobility product, and look good while they do it! Tell me your goals and I will make sure they come first – everything else comes second! Email Justin at

NATHAN CURRAN OT / Seating Specialist ( Sydney )

As a therapist working in the disability sector, I have developed a passion for finding the absolute best outcomes for my clients. I have particularly enjoyed exploring individuals equipment needs, specifically to support their seating and mobility needs and achieve maximum independence and comfort in daily life. As an active person myself, I understand the impact engaging in the community with others, and therefore encourage everyone, regardless of their disability, to utilise all available supports to facilitate their own participation in their desired activities. Email Nathan at:

SAM HOLT OT / Seating Specialist ( QLD )

It is a privilege to be providing my experience and skills here at ILS. I strongly believe in the importance of enhancing and enabling individuals to participate and engage in their daily activities. I am motivated to utilise my clinical expertise by providing optimal solutions to client’s day to day needs, as well as my specialisation in scripted mobility. I am available to complete assessments, in-home equipment trials and consultancy in order to best equip an individual to live as independently as possible.Email Sam at

CHRIS DENT OT / Physiotherapist / Seating Specialist

I am very excited to bring my experience and skills to ILS in their wheelchair and seating consultant position across Northern NSW. I have a strong belief that high quality wheelchairs and seating products can greatly enhance client’s mobility, lifestyle, health and participation in the community. It gives me great pleasure matching every client with the right products, by providing high quality assessments, trials and consultancy to achieve the best outcome for the client. Email Chris at

ANDREW LOPAZ OT / Seating Specialist ( Sydney )

As an occupational therapist, I have always believed in listening and understanding client and family goals to achieve the best possible outcomes. I have had the privilege to work in a number of different clinical settings including paediatrics, occupational rehabilitation and as a community occupational therapist. My role at ILS involves the prescription of mobility and seating solutions to facilitate everyday comfort, function and independence. Email Andrew at

MONIQUE BEUTUM OT / Seating Specialist ( QLD )

As an occupational therapist, I have always believed in listening and understanding client and family goals to achieve the best possible outcomes. I have had the privilege to work in a number of different clinical settings including paediatrics, occupational rehabilitation and as a community occupational therapist. My role at ILS involves the prescription of mobility and seating solutions to facilitate everyday comfort, function and independence.Email Monique at