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Drive Medical Envoy 4 Plus Mobility Scooter


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Mobility Scooter Bag (Rear) and Cane Holder

The ILS mobility scooter bag (rear) & cane holder for mobility scooter gives greater freedom to your mobility needs letting you make the most out of your day. The heavy duty design will ensure that your walking stick, cane and packed items remain safe whilst providing a compact solution to your scooter storage.

Universal Mobility Scooter Canopy

The ILS mobility scooter canopy combo is an essential accessory for anyone enjoying some outside time on their scooters. Fits easily to most scooters with a 1 x 1 seat bracket under the rear of their scooter seat. Manufactured high quality water resistant materials and will suit most medium and large scooters.

  • Cover adopts high quality Water-resistant Material
  • User-friendly collapsible design
  • Lightweight metal frame
  • Velcro strips attach canopy to hardware
  • Adjustable in height and easily removable
  • Connecting hardware is included

Mobility Scooter Flag + Bracket

Safety is our priority we have designed an essential piece of equipment for your mobility scooter. The ILS mobility scooter safety flag comes with all the components you need to install and travel safely to your destination. Compatible with most scooters equipped with a square bracket receiver.

  • Easy to attach and remove off your scooter's seat bracket
  • Includes the bracket, Metal pole receiver, pins, screw knob, and a red flag pole.
  • Can be tightened with side screw knob

Mobility Scooter Crutch Holder

Neat way to carry your walking stick or crutches on your mobility scooter.

The ILS mobility scooter walking stick is perfect for those who are able to do some light walking when out and about, can easily attach to the back of most scooters with a universal 1” socket.

  • Lightweight and compact
  •  Attaches easily to the back of most scooters

Seat Walker Holder for Scooter

Maximize your mobility potential with the ILS mobility scooter seat walker holder. This accessory attaches to most scooters and to the ILS multi receiver. Its heavy-duty metal design means it can handle the weight of most walkers and will get it there safely.  Made of heavy duty metal so the ILS mobility scooter walker holder is both durable and long lasting, it has compact dimensions of Size: 25.6'' X 7.5'' X 2.4'' making it perfect for your mobility needs.

Fitted to the rear bracket of the scooter or in combination with a rear carry bag.


Rear Trailer for Mobility Scooter

A new area of mobility transport with the ILS ADL Rear Trailer for mobility scooters. Made from heavy duty shock-resistant recyclable plastic, this 72L cargo trailer can help you transport and store goods using your mobility scooter.  If you are ready for an added level of freedom in your mobility then this product is for you.

  • With a removable cover to protect your cargo or belongings from dust or rain
  • Compliant to most of the scooters with a square tube receiver located under the scooter seat
  • Made from shock-resistant recyclable plastic
  • 2 in 1 - Scooter trailer & hand wagon
  • 72 Litre capacity

Mobility Scooter Multi Adapter

The ILS Multi Receiver is designed to maximize your scooter mobility options. With four easy installation sockets there is no need to limit your choice when it comes to your mobility. Fits to most scooters and comes with all parts needed to install extra accessories.  Another added level of freedom for your day to day life.

  • High quality welded steel
  • Compatible with most scooters
  • 4 slots for accessories
  • Size: 10”x10.5”x3.5”
  • 1” attachments

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The Drive Medical Envoy 4 Plus combines a stylish design with brilliant driving performance similar to much bigger models. This all-terrain mobility scooter has many excellent features including all-round suspension, intuitive functions and LED headlights. Also featuring long-lasting batteries, it is perfect as a reliable transport option and capable of a 48km travel range.


Drive Medical: Envoy 4 Plus All Terrain Mobility Scooter

Fast, strong and comfortable, the Drive Medical Envoy 4 Plus is ideal for everyday use. It is available in two colours – blue and red.


Key features 

  • Top speed of 6.5kph
  • All-round suspension
  • Has a ground clearance of 5cm
  • Pneumatic tyres with large 5” rims
  • LED front headlight
  • A top speed of up to 15kph
  • Is powered by 2 x 40AH batteries
  • Maximum travel range of 48km per charge
  • Two colours to choose from, Red or Blue.

Additional information

Product Safe Working Load (SWL)

160kg (352.74 lbs)

Product Battery Size / Type

2 x 40 AH Lead Acid

Product Range

48 km

Product Speed (Max)

6 km/hr

Product Colour

Blue, red

Product Warranty

Mechanical 12 months
Electrical 12 months
Batteries 12 months

Product Size - in carton(s) (WxLxH) in cm

62 x 150 x 65

Product Size - in carton(s) (gross weight) in kg

81 kg

Product Size - overall assembled (WxLxH)* including pulled apart/folded for portable scooters in cm

60 x 121 x 102

Product Size - overall assembled (gross weight) in kg

94kg (207.2 lbs)

Product Size - seat base width in cm

45 cm

Product Size - seat base depth in cm

44 cm

Product Size - seat back width in cm

45 cm

Product Size - seat back height in cm

36 cm

Product Size - seat to floor in cm

52 cm – 57 cm

Product Size - front/ rear tyre type/size

10" / Pneumatic

Product Size - front/rear wheel size in inches


Product Drive - turning circle in cm

135 cm

Product Drive - max safe ground clearance in cm

6.5 cm

Product Drive - max safe incline slope in degree

Product Drive - suspension

Yes (Front And Rear CTS Suspension)

Product Charger Type

4 AH

Product Motor Size

2 Pole / 400 Watt

Product Lighting


Product Display


Drive Medical Envoy 4 Plus mobility scooter – User Manual

Drive Medical Envoy 4 Plus mobility scooter – MSDS certificate

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How wide is the scooter from wheel to wheel?

Width is 60cm (24”).

Whats the overall height of the scooter

Overall height of the scooter is 90.8cm

What is the max range, battery capacity and can i mount a Aluminium Box at the back .

Envoy mobility scooter has a max range of 48km and  40AH batteries.

You can use below  pannier

What is the weight of the scooter with the batteries attached

Envoy 4 Plus Mobility Scooter total weight is 94kg.