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Do not be confused with all the various names given to this category of chair, for they all refer to the same thing. Adjustable lift chairs are often referred to as “aged care lift chairs” but people of all ages find immense comfort, relaxation, freedom, and independence when using these electrically powered lift and recline chairs. So if you hear terms such as Smokey Dawson, chair ottoman, recliner sofa, adjustable lift, `recliner lounge, electric lift, lift medical, fabric recliner or lift homecare, they all mean the same thing.

At Independent Living Specialists, we can tailor a model to suit all needs, whether it be a compact leather reclining chair where space is tight or a large twin motor chair for the more solid stature. Depending on the brand, we can have your power lift chair covered in any fabric to suit your taste and room decor. Rest assured whether you rent or buy your lift chair from ILS, we will be with you every hour of comfort with our great prices, and reliable, friendly delivery service.

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