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Being comfortable as we get older is something we all look forward to. That is why recliners that are welcoming and comfortable are greatly appreciated and sought after. Electric lift chairs are very popular amongst the elderly and those who find it difficult to stand up from a seated position – the motorised movement of the electric lift chair literally does this and vice versa.

There are various types of electric lift chairs to choose from based on their features and functionalities and not to mention appearance and comfort. Electric lift chairs for the elderly are also known as adjustable lift aged care chairs where many people find freedom of mobility and relaxation based on their requirement. These lift and recline electric lift chairs that are available through Independent Living Specialists are great for any household as they can be easily customisable based on the intended space, type of motor needed and also the fabric colour and feel too. They can be hired, rented or bought online or through any of the ILS showrooms in Sydney with the offer of great prices and delivery too.

In terms of what the best electric lift chair for the elderly would be, there are many ways to look at it. However, looking at the lift chair specifications would be a good place to start. The following are a good ways to understand what type of lift chair would be ideal for you depending on various specifications based on your height.

User’s Height 5′ / 153cm or under 5′ / 153cm – 5’3″/ 160cm 5’3″ /160cm -5’10″/178cm 5’10” /178cm - 6’2″/ 188cm 6’2″ /188cm – 6’8″/ 198cm
Seat Height 47cm 47cm 50cm 53cm 54cm
Seat Depth 45cm 49cm 50cm 52cm 53cm
Seat Width 44cm 48cm 48cm 53cm 54cm
Seat to top of Back 57cm 60cm 64cm 68cm 74cm
Chair Width 78cm 78cm 78cm 83cm 83cm
Chair Height 99cm 102cm 107cm 117cm 123cm

The above will give you an indication on what to look out for when looking up electric lift chair models and their product specifications to know that you will be comfortably seated.

Some of the most popular brands of lift chairs include Pride, CareQuip, K Care, Topform and Days Healthcare that cover a variety of styles, options and designs. Things that you should look out for when it comes to comparing the types of features and functionality include the likes of the following;

  • Does your electric lift chair recline and/or lift?
  • Does it fit within your weight capacity bracket?
  • Upholstery material – is it comfortable? Choose between vinyl and cloth for pressure care.
  • What type of motor does it have?
  • Does it have lockable castor wheels for convenience?
  • Does it offer lumbar and head support?
  • What extra accessories does it come with such as backup battery, handheld controllers/magazine pockets?

By answering these questions based on the type of lift chair models you are looking at, you are able to make an informed decision thus making your purchase of electric lift chairs for the elderly is the best choice for them. Contact Independent Living Specialists in Australia to find out which one would be ideal for you!

Electric Lift Chairs for the Elderly 1

Electric Lift Chairs for the Elderly 2 Electric Lift Chairs for the Elderly 3
Pride C101 Lift Chair Care Quip Manor Chair

K Care Compact Lift Chair

(Comes with rear locking castors)

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