OT Services

At Independent Living Specialists (ILS) we pride ourselves on employing Occupational Therapist’s (OT’s), who specialise in assistive technology and equipment prescription. Our OT’s are available to offer clinical advice and support in a variety of ways including general advice and recommendations, private consultation, products demonstration and trials and educational in-services and training. These services are available for the private client through to clinicians, therapists and care and support advisors.

Where a client may require further assessment to identify their needs, and an in-home equipment assessment is required, our OT’s are all nationally registered and available for, one-off, fee for service assessments, by referral only.

Please contact us today to discuss the most suitable service for your needs and location.

ILS Occupational Therapists


Dana Sartori
National Division Manager - Community/OT

My role involves facilitating education for clinical staff across a variety of inpatient, community and nursing home settings by conducting educational in-servicing, as well as supporting fellow Occupational Therapists and prescribing clinicians. email Dana at dana@ilsau.com.au

Yvette MacMorland
National Pressure Care Manager

As the National Pressure Care Manager for ILS, I specialise in pressure injury prevention and treatment through the use of pressure therapy devices. I specialise in the Talley mattress replacement systems that are on QLD, NSW and SA government contracts. email Yvette at yvette@ilsau.com.au

Anja Hauenschild
Occupational Therapist and Account Manager for Victoria

My experience is varied, but primarily focussed on community based physical rehabilitation and falls prevention. I believe that providing expert information and advice for people to make informed decisions about their needs is vital in maximising independence and safety with everyday activities. email Anja at anja@ilsau.com.au

Sumei Wrigley
Occupational Therapist Account Manager for Northern Sydney Region

As an Occupational Therapist, I have the privilege to make a positive difference to a person’s life by facilitating independence, improving safety and enabling maximum function. My experience in both acute and community settings includes a strong focus on physical rehabilitation. I’m a strong advocate for empowerment. I aim to provide sound information, choice and expert advice to enable the client, families/carers and clinician to make the right choices and achieve the best outcome. I believe in delivering an excellent service. email Sumei at sumei.wrigley@ilsau.com.au

Natalie Hitti
Occupational Therapist and Sydney Team Leader/Account Manager Sydney Inner West & Eastern Suburbs

As an Occupational Therapist, I strive to assist people in regaining or maximising their independence with meaningful activities. My role at ILS involves providing education and clinical recommendations to prescribing clinicians, individuals and their families in order to reach their unique goals. My background as an OT includes experience in an orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation setting. email Natalie at natalieh@ilsau.com.au

Rachel Naylor
Occupational Therapist and Account Manager Upper Northern Region

My role as an Occupational Therapist at ILS is to empower and support clients in reaching maximum function and independence within the home and community environments by providing education and expertise in equipment and assistive technology to individuals, families and prescribing clinicians. My background includes work within Paediatrics and Work Rehabilitation. email Rachel at rachel@ilsau.com.au

Michael Portelli
Occupational Therapist and Account Manager Western Sydney Region

My role as an Occupational Therapist at ILS is to work collaboratively with prescribing clinicians, clients and their carers/ families to provide easy to understand clinical reasoning which helps facilitate the trialling and prescription of suitable assistive technologies and equipment. As an Occupational Therapist I focus on improving a client’s functional outcomes and maximising their independence, whilst also maintaining their safety. My clinical skill set has been developed through previous experience within the Australian residential Aged Care sector. Email Michael at michael.portelli@ilsau.com.au

Amy Todd
Occupational Therapist and Account Manager South West Sydney Region

As an Occupational Therapist, I help to enable people in their home and community environments to be as independent as possible, as well as helping carers and family and fellow allied health and nursing staff in this process. My experience as an OT varies from large hospital settings to more rural and remote community settings. I have most recently worked as an OT in the community setting, where I feel my passion lies, assisting people to achieve their goals in everyday living. Email Amy at amy.todd@ilsau.com.au

Anne Mcintosh
Occupational Therapist and Account Manager for SA

I am delighted to join Independent Living Specialists (ILS) and align with the ILS vision of assisting clients in finding the “right fit” with equipment which promotes quality, independent living. My experience as an Occupational Therapist includes clinical work in the U.K., Canada, Saudi Arabia and Australia with serious (complex) injuries and most recently in occupational rehabilitation. I have a strong background in provision of functional solutions aimed at assisting people in living their best lives.Email Anne at anne.mcintosh@ilsau.com.au