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Independent Living Specialists has some of the best-branded lift chairs and seating products for the benefit of the immobile and handicapped population of Australia.

Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are known by several names but it all refers to the same equipment. Although adjustable lift chairs are known as ‘aged care lift chairs’, this could be used by people of all ages and many feel relaxed and comfortable using one of these devices.

Independent Living Specialists is also capable of producing a model to suit all requirements. They can also cover the chair depending on the brand in any fabric to blend with your taste or room décor.

Royale Mayfair Select electric recliner, Drive Medical Stella electric recliner lift chair, Pressure relief chair, K care compact recliner lift chair and better living airlift chair, are some fast-moving lift chair products in the ILS stores.

Your Guide To The Best Lift Chairs And Seating Products 2
How to select the proper Lift Chair and Seating Products

It is important to select a lift chair based on a person’s physical requirement, lifestyle, and body type. Further, considering the major part of the time a person is likely to spend on this device, purchasing a durable, branded and comfortable product is a smart investment.


Spending the day in a comfortable chair relaxing is a bonus for a handicapped person. The lift chair is an asset to anyone who has difficulty moving from a seated to standing position. The chair can gently rise and tip forward to allow the user to move out easily without unduly straining a muscle. This device has various features beneficial for the therapeutic and general health of the user.

Leg Elevation

The leg elevation part in the lift chair aid in the blood circulation to move through the legs and body. Similarly, it can also minimize swelling due to fluid retention and lessen the risk of varicose vein development.

Posture Assistance

In comparison to normal seating, a lift chair is gentle and assists to support the posture. Due to the features and design, these chairs are capable of reducing lower skeletal joint weakness and deterioration, preventing injury and maintaining muscle tone.

Medical Requirement

Identifying a person’s medical requirement and health play an important role when selecting your purchase.

Indiana Electric Recliner Chair

Royale Mayfair Select Electric Recliner

This lift chair is the most sought after product of the Royale brand, it is now available in high-quality vinyl to match any room décor. It has a very comfortable 3 section waterfall backrest design for maximum comfort and support of the upper, middle and lower back. A set of locking casters for transportation is also included free of charge.

Drive Medical Stella Electric Recliner Lift Chair

This chair is operated electrically, upholstered fully with dual motors and backed with a 2 -year warranty. The Stella is a reliable recliner including extra features of a seat with foam padding and a two-section padded backrest for lumbar and head support.

Pressure Relief Chairs

These chairs are ideal for those who spend more time seated or lounging throughout the day. K Care Compact electric recliner lift chair and better living airlift chair are two best sellers in the pressure relief chair range.

K Care Compact Electric Recliner Lift Chair

This chair has been manufactured for those who need assistance whilst sitting or leaving a chair. The special air comfort seating system provides proven pressure relief along with a removable seat and back cushions to ensure comfy fit with the electric lift and recline mechanism aiding the easy operation.

Better Living Air Lift Chair

This pressure relief chair features a special modular design with a combined pressure relief system. Patient’s comfort is ensured with powered individual controls and adjustable back and leg rests.

Specialised ILS Service

ILS is there to personally guide their customers throughout the entire journey to achieve increased mobility. All their stores have well-trained staff to assist their customers to find the correct chair. The expert support continues with Occupational and Physio Therapists on hand to provide more analytical advice.

The Occupational Therapists at ILS are experts in assisting customers to achieve the desired freedom in their daily life. They can assist to assess your goals, body structure, activities, environment, medical condition and other issues to select the ideal lift chair.

Services of an Occupational or Physio Therapist could be worked out upon referral. ILS will contact and visit you to find out the exact personal requirements. Here onwards the customer will be in close contact and provided with more intensive advice and support to adjust with the most suitable lift chair.

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