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A tens machine is an answer to the prayers of those who suffer from physical pain due to any kind of illness or injury. It is a battery powered unit designed to send a small electric shock through your body from the source of the pain. These electric shocks stimulate the nerves in your body to block the pain signals from traveling to your pain and also the release of endorphins in our body which naturally block the pain. Tens machines are commonly used to treat the pains like arthritis, muscle pains, sports injuries, and headaches.

Ems Dual Unit

Ems dual unit is a unique tens machine that is compact, convenient to carry and promising in terms of results. It includes the tens stimulator unit, a carrying case, batteries, operating manual and four electrodes. It also has the ability to store your treatment times and schedules, making it convenient to provide your chiropractor with the necessary information about your treatment. The Ems Dual Unit is available at a unique discount of 50% at the Independent Living Specialists so hurry up and purchase now, if you are looking to relieve your pain in a convenient and risk-free manner. It also comes with a five year warranty period so there is no need to worry about performance.


How to use the tens machine

Once you purchase the Ems tens machine the usage is pretty simple. The operating manual will guide you but if you need you can try it under the guidance of a chiropractor as well. First of all, you have to make sure the skin that you are plugging on the electrodes is not wet or wounded. You should also avoid hypersensitive areas and areas with reduced skin sensation because it may alter the results. It is advised to start with continuous pulse setting with middle pulse frequency and duration. However, you can experiment with it to find the setting that will suit you and reduce your pain. The intensity of the stimulation is important as it decides which part of your nerves gets affected. So you must experiment with the shock level until the desired results are achieved. Usually, tens machines are known to relieve pain very quickly but lose the effect after the machine is turned off however high-intensity treatment is shown to give long term results. After you have completed a session it is important to carefully remove the electrodes and wash the skin gently with some soap.

Things to be aware

Since the tens machine is an electric appliance there are things to be careful about when using it. You should not use it close to anywhere with water like a shower or a bath. Parts of your body like the eyes and the front of your neck should be avoided as that can cause pressure in your eyes and low blood pressure respectively. Similarly, the front and back of your chest should be avoided as it could affect your heart activity. Following these instructions you may avoid any setbacks and enjoy a pain-free life with your new Ems tens machine.


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