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Getting to the shower and bathroom in later life can be a demanding task, and one that too often ends in injury. Slippery floors, low toilet seats and even the strain of standing for an extended time in the shower all contribute to the risk of hurting oneself. In fact, falls in the bathroom account for thousands of hospitalisations in Australia every year, especially among the elderly. If you, your client or a loved one could be at risk in the bathroom, don’t leave it too late to make your bathroom a safe, pain-free environment.


We know that the extensive list of bathroom products available can get a little bit overwhelming, so we’ve made it easy for you with this guide to a few of the most common products. Click for a full list of bathroom aids and accessories or call us on 1300 008 267


Shower Chairs

The shower chair helps you keep balance, reduces the risk of falling in the shower and allows you to reach the lower body with reduced strain on muscles and joints. It is ideal for sufferers of arthritis, people who have trouble standing for extended periods of time, people with poor balance and people who suffer from joint, muscle or back pain. Basic shower chairs are stationary chairs consisting of a steel or aluminium frame and plastic seat. They are available as folding chairs or standard moveable chairs. Extra wide and heavy duty chairs are also available.


Shower Stools

Shower stools are similar to shower chairs, but they do not have a backrest. This makes cleaning the back easier but compromises stability. The shower stool is recommended for patients who can maintain balance but find it difficult to remain standing for the time it takes to shower. Side arms are standard to make lowering onto and rising from the stool easy. Available with cutaway front for personal cleaning. Heavy duty stools and corner stools are also available.


Bath Boards

The bath board gives you a secure platform to rest on while bathing. It is secured across the top of the bath, attaching to the sides, to create a stable seating platform for bathing or showering. Either a channeled surface or slatted design allows water to drain away while the board is in use. Most bath boards feature adjustable elements such as width and feet height. Bath boards are suitable for people who prefer to use a bath rather than a shower. But they are also a great alternative to shower chairs, stools or commodes for patients whose shower runs over a bathtub.


Shower Commodes

Shower commodes are multipurpose chairs that decrease the number of transfers required for bathroom activities. Think of it as an all-in-one shower chair, toilet commode and over toilet aid. The transit feature gives you greater independence as you manoeuvre yourself through your daily bathroom activities. A self-propelled kit can be attached to a regular transit chair so you can use the bathroom in privacy. Tilting chairs are available.


Using an appropriate bathroom product will help you enjoy the comfort of a hot shower in peace (and safety).

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