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Firefly Splashy Big

The Splashy Big is a versatile and durable bath seat that is specifically designed for older children and young adults. With its unique design, it provides ample support and stability for children aged 8-16, who require additional assistance during bath time. This portable and lightweight bath seat is perfect for use at home, on vacation, or for outdoor activities, allowing children to participate in fun activities with friends and family.


The Splashy Big is designed to promote and encourage independence during bath time, allowing children to control their own experience, thus promoting self-care skills and improving self-esteem and well-being. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and its detachable parts make it easy to take with you wherever you go. With its ability to be used in the shower, around the home, or outdoors, the Splashy Big provides children with the support they need to access new environments and participate in new activities.

Seat back rest height 720 mm
Seat back rest width 450 mm
Seat base depth 400 mm
Seat base width 450 mm
Floorsitter width 420 mm
Floorsitter height 795 mm
Maximum weight 55 kg
Age range 8 – 16 years

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