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Jenx Standz: Abduction Stander

The Standz is a versatile standing system that offers the option for prone or supine standing positions and accommodates for abducted or neutral leg positioning for children between 1-9 years old. The system was created with input from therapists and carers worldwide, ensuring the perfect combination of clinical positioning and ease of use.


The Jenx Standz: Abduction Stander system allows for easy accommodation of leg length discrepancy through individual control for knee and foot positioning and all adjustments can be made tool-free for quick and effective clinical postural adjustments. It also features an extensive range of accessories to accommodate children with a range of postural requirements.

The Standz Mini Kit is an additional feature that has been developed to facilitate standing for users with a height of 480mm-590mm, helping to improve muscle development and weight-bearing through the feet. The Mini Kit can be removed once the child has grown enough to allow the Standz unit to be used in its conventional format.

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