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Jenx Supine 1 & 2

A sturdy, yet pleasant and simple-to-use standing system that provides unrivalled support and safety for users standing in a supine posture, ranging from kids (approx. 6 years) to adults (up to 100kg). Supine Stander sizes 1 and 2 are also available, ideal for children aged 9 months to 11 years and weighing up to 50kg.


Standing can be important for developing key physical and social skills. Supine Stander 3 has been specifically developed with this in mind, allowing joints to be supported while building balance and core strength.

Supine Stander 3 also enables more social engagement and participation in a variety of therapeutic or recreational activities. The frame and its features also allow quick angle adjustments (from horizontal to upright), long-lasting quality, remarkable postural control, and the exceptional pelvic stability required for supported standing.

Supine Stander 3 was created to accommodate even the most difficult postures. The robust and flexible lateral supports, together with unique straps, allow for the accommodation and correction of a safe, pleasant, and aligned posture. Numerous leg control choices ensure that fixed knee flexion, leg length disparity, and windsweeping are all comfortably and safely accommodated.

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