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Jenx Monkey

The Jenx Monkey is a pleasant and easy introduction to standing that was especially created to appeal to young children and their families. The Monkey's smooth and simple angle adjustment allows for a range of angles from upright at 90 degrees all the way down to 20 degrees prone, making it ideal for progressively increasing a patient's tolerance to standing as part of a rehabilitation programme.


The Monkey Prone Stander is a fantastic solution for practically any youngster because to its capacity for exceptional thoracic and pelvic support and flexible leg posture.

The Monkey is fully equipped with:

  • Leg, hip, and chest supports
  • adjustable positioning pads for the chest, hips, and legs
  • Hip and chest straps
  • integrated bowl and adjustable angle tray
  • Footboard

The Jenx Monkey comes with the following accessories:

  • Support boards for the chest, hips, and legs
  • Pads that adjust for chest, hip, and leg placement
  • Straps across the chest and hips
  • Angle adjustable tray with integrated bowl
  • Footboard
  • Sandals in size 1
  • 4 swivel lockable castors

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