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Getting from one place to another is now easier with the aid of mobility solutions such as mobility scooters. Known by many names such as power-operated vehicle/scooter, electric scooter, power scooters and well as aged care scooters (due to the majority of the demographic), they are ideal choices of mobility aids for those with mobility problems no matter their age. Another solution would be lift chairs which are also known as rise or recliner chairs that are power-operated allowing the users to move to a standing position more easily.

Who Can Use These Mobility Solutions?

Mobility solutions are the perfect aid for the elderly, infirm or those suffering from a disability. Whether it’s a mobility scooter or a lift chair that you are after, they both serve different purposes.

A mobility scooter is an ideal choice for those who lack the stamina or the arm/shoulder flexibility required for using a wheelchair (with manual functionality). It’s also an ideal choice for those suffering from lung or coronary ailments, arthritis tendencies, obesity and other whole-body or systematic conditions that can leave you handicapped. However, it should be noted that users should at least be able to walk and stand to a certain extent (with another form of aid if needed), where they should be able to sit upright on the scooter without torso support and also be able to operate the steering controls.

Lift chairs on the other hand are useful for those who are unable to get from a seating position to a standing position without assistance. Once they are upright, they are able to walk away from the lift chair or even use a walking aid such as a walker or a walking stick.

Mobility Scooters for Getting Around

Mobility scooters are battery operated mobility solutions that are ideal for those who have limited mobility to offer them freedom and peace of mind in daily life. You can either opt to purchase a mobility scooter or hire them depending on your requirement and time period. If you are looking for reliability, robustness especially when it comes down to travelling long distances or rough terrain such as the countryside, Independent Living Specialists recommends their popular Pride Mobility Scooters or the Shoprider Mobility Scooters range.

Pride S19 Folding Mobility Travel Scooter Shoprider Rainrider Mobility Scooter
Independent Living Specialists Pride-S19-Folding-mobility-scooter-247x300 Independent Living Specialists Shoprider-Rainrider-Scooter-247x300

When choosing the type of mobility scooter, you need to also look at the variety of features provided against each model. Some are folding travel scooters than can take up little space and are ultra light such as the Pride S19 Folding Mobility Travel Scooter which is also the best selling product at Independent Living Specialists. Others such as the Shoprider Rainrider Mobility Scooter offers shelter from the rain and other natural elements due to its enclosure.

Lift Chairs to Help Get on Your Feet

Lift chairs offer various features to make resting more comfortable, such as the positions and functionality it provides. Whilst almost all lift chairs offers users the ability to “lift” them from their seated position to a standing position in a fluid motion with the assistance of the powered settings, you are also able to recline in order to take a nap while on the lift chair. These lift chairs that come with 3 positions (sit, recline and stand) are very popular allowing their users the comfort and ease of being mobile and independent. One of the popular choices of lift chairs available through Independent Living Specialists is the Pride 560 Lift Chair that offers mobility solutions for sitting, reclining and standing. You are also offered the option of buying or renting the lift chair for your use.

Independent Living Specialists Pride-560-Lift-Chair-247x300

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