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Most often when a person gets older, the muscles get stiffened or joints begin to ache and it becomes difficult to get about your normal daily activities. Even a least possible chore will be too much for the body to take and at times the person may even lose mobility absolutely due to the immense pain. When this happens, it becomes necessary to look for ways to lessen stress on the body and limit activity. The best device to arrest this situation is the lift and recliner chair. This chair is equipped with mechanisms that lift it up and down enabling the user to sit down and get up easily


This recliner chair is operated electrically which lifts the chair up and tilts it forward controlled with a hand lever on the armrest. On some chairs, it also controls the reclining position of the chair. Some older models have a spring mechanism which is not recommended as sometimes the user could get thrown out of the chair. The electrically operated chair raises slowly, enabling the user to get on the feet safely.


Chair Extent

The size of the chair should be taken into consideration as it is a device that shifts user from sitting to a standing position. The chair’s best performance is based on the user’s height and weight. Checking the height of the chair is very important because if the chair is too tall, it could lift the user off the ground leading to a fall. Therefore, considering the size of the chair should be given prime importance.


Room and Décor

Considering the room where the lift chair is being placed is also important. Although these chairs are the same size as recliners, they take more space when activated. It should also blend with the room décor and many models have a choice of fabric and possibly be able to match the chair to the existing walls and furnishing.

Chair Feature

These chairs come in two-position, three-position, infinite-position, and zero-gravity.
These positions have different types of reclining features to suit the user’s need.


Two-position Lift Recliner Chair

This chair keeps the user upright even when reclining to about 45 degrees. It can really recline to any place between fully upright and 45-degree reclining position.

Portland Recliner Lift Chair
Three-Position Lift Recliner Chair

This position goes back further than 45-degrees to a sleeping position but not a flat position.

Infinite-Position Lift Recliner Chair

This position increase from the reclining to a flat, bed-like position for sleeping. It could further be set to any position between sitting fully upright and the flat position.

Zero-Gravity Lift Recliner Chair

This has all the features of the infinite-position chair plus reclines even further back, putting the legs above the back which relieves stress on the lower back and expands the muscles to relieve the stiffness.


A wide range of reliable branded lift recliner chairs to meet any requirement is available on rental or purchase options at and at all stores of Independent Living Specialists in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.


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