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Inflammation in the joints is known as arthritis and it is generally used to describe over 100 conditions that affect the joints.

Osteoarthritis, gout, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis are some of the common types of arthritis that affect people.

It is usually painful, stiffness or swelling around one or more joints. The symptoms can aggravate slowly or suddenly and some conditions affect the immune system and other internal organs in the body.

However, there are arthritis aids to overcome being saddled with this ailment and most types of equipment have been manufactured to provide solutions for arthritis patients to help ease the pain and soothe any symptoms.

Mobility scooters, walking aids, lift chairs, seat walkers and wheelchairs are some of the equipment available at Independent Living Specialists stores Australia wide, that come in helpful for those inflicted with any form of arthritis.

Finding The Right Mobility Aids To Combat Arthritis 2K Care Compact Electric Recliner Lift Chair

This is a popular product of ILS ideal for arthritis patients. Specially designed for those who are unable to sit or leave a chair on their own. It has a pressure-relieving component from the unique air comfort seating system. The removable seat and back cushions give a snug fit and the electric lift and recline mechanism help with the easy operation.

In addition to the above, several other daily living aids come in very handy at a time of distress.

The Long Hand Easireacher

This device extends your arm length to prevent stretching and bending when picking up stuff from the floor.

The Seat Belt Helper

This gadget lengthens the handle of a seat belt and somewhat lessens hip and shoulder strain caused by the twisting movement when reaching for a seat belt.

The Long Handled Curved Bath Brush

This is a very popular arthritis aid made of heavy-duty moulded plastic with a stable firm grip for extra control. The handle is twistable for easy use. This gadget is a necessity for any home bathroom.

The Dressing Stick

This gadget is helpful when dressing or removing garments.

Physiotherapy also plays an important role in aiding arthritis patients and Independent Living Specialists have a wide array of devices in this department too.

The Hand Egg

This gadget is to strengthen grip, dexterity, mobility and fine motor skills which could be used chilled or warm for hot or cold therapy. It is available in various resistances for different strengths. It is the ideal solution for helping out with arthritis.

Massage Reflex Balls

This self-massage ball is ideal for a self-body massage to alleviate tension, stimulate trigger points and help blood circulation resulting in relief of pain connected with arthritis.

Stocking Aid-Mediven Butler

This device is ideal for those who find it difficult to bend down or ailing with arthritis in the hands. It can be used easily by pulling the stocking over the metal frame with the heel facing you and inserting your foot into the stocking and pull up the handles.

Helping you find the right mobility device

Each of these mobility aids offer incredible value and  great comfort. Whatever your requirements and preferences, ILS has a solution for you. Visit our website to access a full extensive range of mobility aids.

Total mobilty

Independent Living Specialists has partnered with local and international brands to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of products to service their needs.

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