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Independent Living Specialists provides disability aids to the physically handicapped and aged population all over Australia. Their products are available to suit all sorts of disability at an affordable price.

Their prime intention is to provide very good quality equipment to their customers, with a service to match. Most importantly, aiding your disability and gain your independence back. Lift chairs and scooters are some of the fast moving products available in a wide range of brands and prices.

How Lift Chairs Can Assist As Disability Aids

The lift chairs are some well-known brands and noted for their quality and reliability.  Pride C101 electric recliner lift chair, Stella electric recliner lift chair, and Mayfair select electric recliner lift chair are the most popular and sought-after brands available at Independent Living Specialists.

  • The Pride C101 electric recliner lift chairs is a wonderful choice for an average to large couch viewer. The whole chair is fully padded and available in cocoa, fern or sandal suede upholstery with an emergency battery back and 10 years warranty for the solid frame construction and 2 years on all mechanisms and motor.

Pride C101 Lift Chair

  • The Stella electric recliner lift chair is a dual motored, fully upholstered, electrically operated leather lounge chair with an all-inclusive 2-year warranty. It is a reliable recliner with additional features such as a seat with foam padding and a two-section padded backrest for legs and head support.
  • The Mayfair select electric recliner lift chair comes with a free set of locking casters for transportation. This popular model has a very comfortable backrest design for maximum comfort and upper, middle and lower back support. The backup power supply is also installed.

Mayfair Select Electric Lift Chair

Mobility Scooters

This category of vehicle is known by many names but they all refer to the same thing. Although it is often referred to as an aged care mobility scooter, people of all ages use these battery-powered devices to suit their needs.

GO GO LX mobility scooter with CTS suspension, Scout style plus mobility scooter with quad suspension and PathriderES10 mobility scooter are some of the popular brands available at Independent Living Specialists.

  • The Go-Go LX mobility scooter with CTS suspension has a sleek style, feather touch dis-assembly, and standard lighting. It is one of the most advanced travel products available.

Pride GoGo Lx Mobility Scooter Accessories

  • The Scout style plus mobility scooter with quad suspension is designed for a very relaxed ride with deluxe cushioned seating and wide armrests. It also includes a swivel seat for easy transmission, an electromagnetic braking system and durable handlebars for easy control.


  • The Pathrider ES10 mobility scooter is very easy to use and could be used outdoors too. It has a bright headlight, adjustable tiller, and a stylish design.


The latest terrain mobility scooters provide marvelous features that include all round suspension, long lasting batteries, LED headlights, stylish new designs and capable of a travel range of 48 km.

*Since the publication of this article, all prices have been revised. Visit www.ilsau.com.au for more details.

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