A Beginner’s Guide To Purchasing Electric Hospital Beds


Electric beds are usually used in hospitals for people who are constantly ill, or disabled. These beds have many evident medical benefits and also suitable to be used at home for those suffering from probable aches, pains and sleeping disorders. It is also perfect for people who prefer to sit comfortably whilst reading or watching TV on the bed.


Having an adjustable electric bed to improve health and comfortable living has many benefits. Relief from back pain, sleep apnea, asthma, snoring and improved independence are some of the benefits that could be attained by using an electric adjustable bed.

Back pain

Back pain could be reduced considerably, as when the mattress is adjusted at the head and foot, it gives space for the back, supporting the spine by relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Relieve Sleep Apnea, Asthma and Snoring

Sleep Apnea and asthma are breathing problems that can be reduced by using an adjustable bed frame to raise the head. Sleeping in a curved manner could improve airflow, lowering blockage from the nasal passage to permit a healthy uninterrupted sleep. It will also reduce the possibility of an asthma attack as the oxygen that is reduced when lying flat will be able to move more freely.

Snoring usually occurs when a person lies flat, and this makes the neck put extra weight on the windpipe and closing it, resulting in a noise known as snoring. When the bed’s adjustable frame lifts the head, gravity permits the weight to be taken off the windpipe, resulting in a reduction of the snoring.

Invacare 1600 Bed

Improves Independence

Getting in and out of bed is a big issue when age, disability or other health issues affect a person’s mobility. An electric bed base is the best aid when it comes to helping to get into bed and out of bed without any assistance thereby improving a person’s independence.

Independent Living Specialists has electric adjustable beds specially manufactured by I-care and Betten Malsch for those who need to purchase a suitable bed to match your requirements.

I-Care Luxury IC222 Hospital Bed

Made from high tensile steel, the steel frame gives a good strong foundation.  This bed is suitable for people who find it difficult to get in and out of normal beds and permits numerous sleeping posture.

Capable of holding up to 180kg with features adjustable height, head, foot lift and knee break, flexible slat system, whisper quiet electric motor and 10-year warranty.


Betten Malsch Nicole Hi-Lo Bed

Betten Malsch is a certified ISO 9001 quality management company and their beds are well-known for quality and reliability with over 15 years of experience in providing medical and home care beds to happy customers.

The steel frame of the bed is laminated with flexible beech wood slats base providing a strong sleeping exterior including wooden side rails. Equipped with a quality German Dewert motor system and 4 individual lockable rubber castors. It separates into four sections for easy transport and storage. 2-year warranty is offered on frame and motor.

Betten Malsch Nicole Bed

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Most elderly people reside in establishments where long term care facilities are supplied which include nursing, supervising and other types of care as generally required by them. These homes or aged facility care organizations provide a blend of health and social services. The medical part of care is, however, less demanding than the hospital provisions.

Most often, those living in residential care are hospitalized for some illness or the other. In most cases, hospitalization is unavoidable and convenient for the patient and care giver. Although some do not require to be hospitalized for long, sometimes within a short period of being discharged they have passed away or unable to function properly. This could be due to a breakdown in the residential care setting and atmosphere.

500 Series Bed

Most residential care homes are not equipped with hospital beds and although the residents have got a strong motivation of improving in their own homes, lack of proper equipment such as the hospital beds are a great handicap.

The main purpose of hospital beds in a home or aged facility care is to allow the body to a position which is not possible in a normal bed and also due to being able to attach other equipment that cannot be fixed on a normal bed.


The necessity of a hospital bed:

It becomes necessary to use a hospital bed when certain needs are identified.

  • Changes in body positions that are not possible on a normal bed
  • Certain body changes required to relieve pain that is not possible on a normal bed.
  • Having the bed head elevated most of the time due to chronic pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, etc.
  • The necessity to attach traction equipment to the bed.


There are several benefits from using a hospital bed.

  • The patient will be able to get in and out of the bed easily and safely.
  • Reaching a standing position to walk with crutches, walker or cane.
  • Easily transferring from wheelchairs or bedside commode
  • Placing the bed at a convenient height to assist with position changes like bathing, eating, turning and other bedside care.

Hospital bed attachments

  • Bedside rail is a tool used to protect the patient from falling off the bed and very useful especially when the patient’s mobility is limited.
  • Trapeze bar is a device that assists the patient to change position on the bed independently, to do their personal work such as move onto a bedpan, transfer from a wheelchair or move from bed to bedside commode with little help from the caregiver or attendant


Independent Living Specialist is one such institution that cares for the aged population by providing equipment to make their lives easy and independent. A wide range of Hi Lo adjustable hospital beds to suit a variety of needs is available at Independent living Specialist. These beds give the elderly the required comfort and support for a good night’s sleep. The stylish design and sturdy build of the beds could be adjusted to ensure ultimate comfort. You will definitely be able to find an adjustable hospital bed to match your budget and meet all your needs. Hospital beds are mixed with style and practicality, giving the patient the best care and feeling of being more at home.

Hospital Beds in Australia


Hospital beds are a welcome sign to many facing and combating illnesses of any kind. Finding comfort when one is sick is very difficult and hospital beds which are adjustable to one’s preference help you get there. This is why it is a good idea to own a hospital bed when one is sick and infirm. Owning a hospital bed will make sure that you get the good night’s sleep that will provide you with the morning vigor that you exercise at doing what you please.

Hospital beds in Australia

Hospitals beds of many type and brand are available in Australia through Independent Living Specialists. Brands available include Invacare, Eurocare, Betten Malsch, I Care and K-Dee. These are all well-known companies and that promise sturdy and reliable hospital beds for you. We are situated in Sydney with after sale service centers all around the continent so there is no lack of facilities available for you to purchase a hospital bed.

Goodness in owning a hospital bed

As discussed earlier hospital beds will help anyone who is ailing with long term sicknesses or aging. When one is infirm it is hard to move around all the time and it is harder to sit still. Hospital beds will allow you to adjust your position to find your comfort spot. It will also make it easy for your family and your caretakers to care for you. Hospital beds can also be pushed when necessary or during an emergency as they have wheels attached.

Things to consider when buying

It is advisable to think through your options when buying a hospital bed. One is to find one fit your budget. Next to pick a suitable weight category. There are beds that can support heavy weight like the Bariatric Octave hospital bed which can safely support a weight of 385 kilograms. The weight category has to be decided based on your weight. There are separate mattresses and side rails that can be picked according to your necessity as well.


Innovative hospital beds

The world of hospital beds keeps changing and shifting into better modes to assist the ailing. The Invacare 1600 for example, is engineered to prevent infection by dropping the buildup of moisture and microbial contamination. The advanced slat based system it is equipped with keeps skin clean and dry, preventing the development of pressure sores or any other skin dilemma. So purchase the hi-low hospital bed and mattress that will bring you comfort and happiness now and enjoy your life n care and joy of its caresses.

Invacare 1600 Bed


A guide to the top new hospital beds in Australia

invacare bed

Selecting a hospital bed for use in your home can be a very overwhelming task. The thought of restyling your bedroom, getting rid of your lovely bedroom suite and only having to swap it with a hospital bed, is certainly devastating. It’s hard to imagine a situation like this, but it is also unavoidable in many cases. It is important to keep your loved ones in good care. Finding a bed that will make sure they get enough rest and pressure care is something that should be at the top of the list.

With the development of modern technology, there are many types of hospital beds to choose from. Here are the top new hospital beds in Australia,

The Bariatric Octave Hospital Bed

The Bariatric Octave Hospital Bed is designed to ensure the highest patient care while implementing a state-of-the-art electrical profiling system. The Octave Bed is ideal for bariatric clients desiring easy, straightforward and self-directed hand-control to adjust heights without making it difficult for the carer. The patient can be easily transferred in and out of the bed and it comes equipped with a fully electric four-sectioned mattress.

invacare octave

The Astute Bed

The Astute Bed is designed for bariatric patients and comes with fitted storage and extension, two handsets equipped with lockout functionality, battery backup, and CPR function. It has removable head and foot bed ends. The bed is also able to adjust its height, backrest and knee for superior comfort.

blcare astute

The K-Dee II High-Low King Single Bed

The K-Dee II bed is a great option for patients who are seeking superior comfort. The bed is designed with full-length steel side rails to for added safety of the patient during transportation. It also guarantees the safety of the patient while they sleep.


Casa Med Classic FS Standard Bed

The Casa Med Classic bed offers an outstanding design that is eye-catching and modern at the same time. The bed is engineered with enclosed motors and a curved wooden head and footboard. The Casa Med is adjustable in height (which helps with patient’s heights), allowing caretakers and nurses to care for patients effectively, without causing any back injuries.

Casa Med Classic FS Standard

The Invacare 1600 Bed

The Invacare 1600 nursing bed is designed to assist the control of infection by dropping the build-up of moisture and microbial infection. The progressive slot based system helps to keep the skin in a dry and clean condition and reduces the possibility of developing pressure sores. Invacare offers comfort and efficient functionality and makes sure both patients and caretakers receive the best conditions and support they need.

Invacare 1600 Bed

At Independent Living specialists, we offer the best hospital beds in Australia to ensure patients receive the right care they need. Our stores offer a carefully selected range of Hi-Lo beds to suit a multiplicity of needs, flavors, and finances. Factory-made by well-known companies, all of our beds are securely built, stylishly designed and can be adjusted to ensure ultimate comfort.

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