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Hospital beds are beds used for by patients who have been hospitalised for various reasons when in need in medical and health care. These beds often come with special features for added comfort and convenience to the patient and the caretaker.

The most common of these features include being able to adjust various variables of the hospital bed. These include the height (often referred to as high low hospitals beds), the head, the feet, adjustable side rails. Some come are electronically powered to make the process of making these adjustments to the hospital beds easier. The hi lo hospital beds offer the ability to raise or lower the bed to make it easier for the patients to get in and out of bed, or to help transfer them onto the bed itself from another source of mobility solution.

The bed base can be sectioned out into both the head and the foot, or the head, foot, and middle, whereby each section can be adjusted into different positions using a crank handle or electronically using a powered motor and controls. Adjusting the hi low hospital beds using these control is the most convenient as it is ideal for when the patient in question is required to be positioned in various ways for therapy or comfort.

While the term says hospital beds and predominantly used in hospitals,they can be used in just about any setting which where patient care is required from a health care facility to nursing homes, assisted and aged care facilities, outpatient clinics and also health care at home.

Independent Living Specialists Australia Avante Ultra Flex Hi Lo Hospital Bed Base

There are many types and models of hi lo hospital beds available for purchase and hire through Independent Living Specialists.

Electronically Operated High Low Hospitals Beds

Hi Lo Hospital Bed Features Transportation Optional Warranty
K Dee Standard Hi Lo Hospital Bed
  • high-low, back raise, knee break, trendelenberg with reverse tilt function
  • Linak motor system
  • 4 individually lockable 100 mm castors
Separates into four sections for ease of transport and storage Self help pole and bed rails 3 years – bed frame2 years – bed motor
Invacare Etude Plus Hi Lo Hospital Bed
  • Convenient portability and storage
  • hi lo function, backrest adjustment, leg elevating knee break adjustment and an option of trendelenburg tilt and reverse tilt
  • Two different bed heights
No tools required for dismantlingEasy to transport Optional Headboard, bed length extensions, self-help pole, and support handle.
500 Series 4 Section Hi Lo Hospital Bed
  • high-low, back raise, knee break function
  • Central Locking Castors
Easy to assemble with removable bed ends 10 years- frame2 years – motor
Betten Malsch Nicole Hi Lo Bed – King Single
  • Electrically adjustable height, backrest and knee break
  • Manually adjustable leg raise
  • German Dewert motor system
  • 4 individual lockable rubber castors
Separates into four sections for ease of transport and storage king single mattress, rails 2 years on frame and motors
I-Care IC333 Ultra-Lo Hospital Bed
  • All bed operations
  • Remote controlled
  • Ideal for homes
King Single Hi Lo Hospital Bed – Premium includes Latex Mattress
  • adjustable height range of 580mm to 920mm
  • Hi/Low, backrest adjustable, knee break adjustable
  • 200mm latex mattress
  • individual locking castors
Avante Ultra Flex Hi Lo Hospital Bed Base
  • high-low, back raise and leg raise
  • Quiet, low voltage, DC lift system
  • With Mattress
Optional Mattress Fabric base surround available in various colours including pearl white 10 Years – Mattress, Base, Motor

The above rates are according to the January 2016 stocks and pricing.

Buying Guide Hi Lo Hospital Beds
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