Most people travel during summer and in this day and age, those with limited mobility need not be confined to their homes. Mobility Scooters and power chairs are currently being manufactured to be portable and any immobile person can make their next vacation memorable with these branded mobility devices.

Air Travel

Travelling with a compact mobility device by air to any fascinating seaside haven is a simple matter nowadays. However, it’s always better to check with the chosen airline before taking the device aboard. Some of the Pride range of mobility devices are ideal for air travel. These are comfortable, lightweight and can be folded easily for storage before boarding the flight. The CTC suspension assists in a smoother ride and one-hand feather touch disassembling make the scooter or wheelchair the best mobility device to be taken along wherever needed. Pride S19 Deluxe folding mobility travel scooter is an ultra-lightweight folding mobility device that needs very little space once it’s folded or dismantled and equipped with a lithium battery that provides a longer drive range. This is considered as a wheelchair by airlines and does not affect the baggage allowance.

Independent Living Specialists Australia Seniors Mobility S19 Pride Folding Mobility Scooter

Train Travel

A trip across the country by train is a lifetime adventure enjoyed by many people. However, inadequate space for luxury mobility devices could possibly be an issue for those who are immobile. Pride, Shoprider, Invacare and Drive Medical are some of the well-known brands that have introduced portable motorized devices that are easy to manage where there is limited space, with feather-touch disassembling and lightweight. The Pride Go-GO LX Mobility scooter with CTS suspension is one of the most advanced travel devices in the market and a great travel partner to depend upon.

Pride GoGo Lx Mobility Scooter Accessories

Hit the Trail

Pride, Days, Healthcare, Breezy, Otto Bock and Invacare are some of the well-known brands providing portable motorized wheelchairs if a person needs to tour the country by road. Most of these have features of feather-touch disassembling with a single hand. Therefore, whenever you feel like stopping somewhere to savor the sights and rest your tired feet, it could be made possible with a mobility device to suit your needs. Pride’s Pathrider 10 mobility scooter’s performance is high with puncture proof tyres, automatically connected front to back harness and easy drive tiller with wrap-around handles for safety and easy steering.

Pride Pathrider 10 Scooter

Set a Sail on the Seas

When setting a sail in the mid seas for an enjoyable luxury cruise, have a look at every corner of the cruise ship with one of the many motorized portable scooters available at all stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide.

These devices are able to navigate through small hallways and move around in the elevator from one deck to another. It can drive along the top deck to watch the waves or look around the shops in the lower decks. Bright LED lighting boosts visibility for activities in the evening. The built-in USB charging port is able to power a cell phone while being driven.

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Independent Living Specialists has some of the best well-known branded mobility scooters such as Drive Medical, Invacare, Pride, and Shoprider in their three stores in Melbourne.

The three stores in Melbourne are located as follows:

• 11/428 Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing, Victoria 3029.
• 329, Balwyn North, Victoria 3104.
• 10, Sturt Street, Ballarat, Victoria 3550

The best mobility scooters to suit the needs of all types of customers are now available in the above store locations in Melbourne along with their best customer care and after-sales services.

Envoy 4 plus mobility scooter, Scout portable mobility scooter, S19 Deluxe folding mobility travel scooter, Scout Sport Quattro mobility scooter with all round suspension and Go-Go LX mobility scooter with CTS suspension are five of the most popular mobility scooters and currently on special offer.

Envoy 4 Plus Mobility Scooter

This is a new model mobility scooter with a special price for online customers and free express delivery. It is an impressive device with an intense execution similar to models much larger than this. This mobility scooter is capable of driving on any ground and has an array of exceptional features including all round suspension, long lasting batteries and LED headlights. Backed with 2 years complete warranty, it can travel to a maximum range of 48km.


Scout Portable Mobility Scooter

This mobility scooter has many new lineaments with some features being the first drive mini mobility scooter and delta bars as a next-generation drive medical splitting mechanism. It is best to be used indoors and outdoors, but not suitable for tough outdoor areas. This model is comfortable, stylish, performs well and reliable

Scout Quattro_side

S19 Deluxe Folding Mobility Travel Scooter

This device is a very lightweight and folding mobility scooter weighing only 27.3kg, Equipped with a lithium battery which provides ultra-lightweight and larger drive range. It can be folded up easily in a simple movement and takes little space once it is folded which makes it easy to carry around the home or shopping malls. It is one of the most advanced ultra-lightweight mobility scooters available in the market.


Scout Sport Quattro Mobility Scooter

This scooter is fitted with plush padded seating and wide armrests for riding carefree. Moreover, along with comfort, it has the next generation drive splitting mechanism for easy storing and transporting. Other additional features are the inclusion of a swivel seat for easy transportation, in-house and off the board charging as a standard, long-lasting delta type handlebars for controlling easily and an electromagnetic braking system. It is also as powerful as a medium sized scooter and one of the most powerful portable scooters in the market.

The Scout sport quattro Mobility Scooter features deluxe cushioned seating with stitching and contoured wide armrests for a more relaxed ride, and in addition to its comfort, it provides the next generation Drive splitting mechanism for easy storage and transportation.

The Scout sport quattro Mobility Scooter features deluxe cushioned seating with stitching and contoured wide armrests for a more relaxed ride, and in addition to its comfort, it provides the next generation Drive splitting mechanism for easy storage and transportation.

Go-Go LX Mobility Scooter with CTS Suspension

The Pride Go-Go LX with comfort trac-suspension is one the most advanced travel devices available in the market showcasing modern features in its performance and value. CTS independent front and rear suspension, glossy style, easy dismantling, and standard lighting are some of the additional features.

The mobility scooters Melbourne has the lowest online price and guarantee to beat any other price elsewhere. The stores offer the best mobile service team, safe online shopping with riskless payment, proficient advice from occupation therapists in-house and an awesome customer service.

GoGo LX with CTS Suspension


Should you register your motorized wheelchair?

Happy elder couple enjoy together at laptop computer

A motorized wheelchair cannot be used on a footpath or road if it is not registered according to rules and regulations laid down by the Government.

In order to register a motorized wheelchair, the following requirements have to be met.

• It should have an electric meter.
• It should be manufactured to suit a person with mobility disabilities.
• Should not weigh more than 150kg
• Should not be able to travel at more than 10km/h on flat ground.

A person shifting base from another state to Queensland has to register a motorized wheelchair within 14 days. However, visitors to Queensland are not subjected to registration.

It should also be noted that the user of the motorized wheelchair should be able to operate the device safely.

Registering a motorized wheelchair

When registering a motorized wheelchair, a transport and motoring customer service center will do the needful. In case the person lives in a rural area, a QGAP office, Magistrates Court or the local police station may provide vehicle registration services. However, it is recommended to get a confirmation by calling before going there.

It is not necessary to complete a vehicle registration application form when registering at a transport and motoring customer service center.

However, if the registration is done in QGAP, Magistrates Court or local police station that does registration services, a vehicle registration application (F3518) has to be completed and if it’s the first time you are registering, a new customer application (F3503) has also to be completed.


Documents required for registration:

• Duly completed vehicle details form (F3529).
• Duly completed Motorized wheelchair statement (F4414).
• Proof of address in Queensland where the wheelchair will be parked. (It could be Queensland driving license, property rates notice, gas, phone or electricity bill indicating Queensland address).
• Proof of identities such as evidence of being an adult or Queensland driving license.

In the event a motorized wheelchair needs to be registered under the name of an organization such as a nursing home, shopping center, education institute or a hire company, testimony of the organization has to be produced.

Identification Proof

• Office of Fair Trading’s Certificate of Incorporation.
• Australia Securities Investments Commission’s business registration.
• Australia Securities Investments Commission’s certificate of registration of a company.

In addition to the above, proof that the person is acting on behalf of the organization should be also be produced.

Organization’s Identity

• Be clad in the organization’s uniform
• Possess a business card or business testimony.
• Documentation on the organization’s official letterhead.

Although a registered business is not an association, proof regarding the nature of the business is required.

Registration of motorized wheelchairs is free of charge including no transfer, number plate or compulsory third party insurance fees.


Completion of Registration

Once a motorized wheelchair is registered, ensure a number plate, registration certificate and an information document indicating Queensland road rules with regard to a motorized wheelchair is received.

Usage of a Motorized Wheelchair

When a motorized wheelchair is used outside the home on a footpath or pavement, the user is considered as a pedestrian under the Queensland road rules. Therefore, a motorized wheelchair or a mobility scooter can only be driven where a pedestrian can move about, known as a pedestrian travel route.

The Pride Jazzy Select 6 Power Chair features an in-line motor technology for increased efficiency, torque and range coupled with a PG GC 2 Controller. Built with ease of service in mind and easy side access batteries, the Pride Jazzy has been built for ease of use and comfort.

The Pride Jazzy Select 6 Power Chair features an in-line motor technology for increased efficiency, torque and range coupled with a PG GC 2 Controller. Built with ease of service in mind and easy side access batteries, the Pride Jazzy has been built for ease of use and comfort.

Motorized vehicle/pedestrian route
A motorized wheelchair could be used only these stipulated areas.
• A footpath or available nature made space.
• In case a footpath of pavement is not available, or it is necessary to avoid any blockades, the wheelchair has to be ridden as close as possible to the left or right side of the road and may sometimes face oncoming traffic too.
• Crossing the road should on a road crossing wherever available.

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing The Perfect Lift Chair


Becoming immobile and losing strength is a natural aging process and normal daily chores that were simple in the past become difficult to cope. Simple tasks such as sitting down and standing up will not be that easy especially when your legs are not as strong as they used to be. To overcome these issues and assist the elderly to get back their independence, lift chairs are the best alternative.
Independent Living Specialists has some of the best brands of power lift chairs specifically manufactured for the comfort and support of their customers.


A lift chair is an up to date equipment manufactured to improve a person’s life and increase mobility. Although there is a wide range of lift chairs available in the market, the user should be aware that the final decision of selecting and purchasing the device is the sole responsibility of the user with assistance from a health care professional such as a doctor or physical therapist.
It is important to read the manual and follow instructions mentioned before trying to use the lift chair for the first time. In some instances, as per the medical conditions, it will become necessary to practice operating the lift chair in the presence of a family member or health care professional who has been trained in assisting the user to perform the day to day activities whilst operating the lift chair safely.

Precautions and Safety

Lift chairs have been manufactured to give maximum comfort and service. Yet, it should not be modified, disable, add or remove any feature, part or function of the device. Unwarranted modifications could also nullify the device’s warranty.

Weight Limitations

It is important to use a lift chair according to the weight of the user. Usually, the manufacturer will not hold themselves responsible for any injuries caused or damage to the device by not complying with instructions pertaining to weight constraints.

Mayfair-Select-Electric-Recliner Lift-Chair-Brown-Legrest

The scissor and lift mechanism is defined as pinch/crush point hazards on your lift chair. Keep away from these areas and ensure the movement path is unblocked.

Electromagnetic and Radio-frequency interference

Laboratory tests have proved that electromagnetic and radio frequency interference could have an unfavorable effect on the device’s performance. Cellular phones, walkie-talkie, radio/TV stations, wireless computer links, microwave signals, and paging transmitters are some equipment that can cause damage to the control system of devices that are electrically powered. It is recommended to maintain a minimum distance of at least 3 meters between the lift chair and any handheld device that emits 10W or more power.

Days Healthcare Serena

The riser action will help reduce the stress which would normally occur on your joints and knees when you get up and down. A battery backup also ensures you are able to retain mobility in the event of a power outage.

Shipping and Delivery

It is recommended to ensure the delivery is fully intact before using the lift chair as some parts may be packed separately. If the delivery is not according to the specifications mentioned on the purchase, the dealer should be contacted immediately. In case the packaging or contents have been damaged during transportation, the delivery company in charge should be contacted.

Transporting by motor vehicle

When a lift chair is being transported in a motor vehicle, special care should be taken to ensure the individual parts are kept safe without slipping. The lift chair should also be secured from slipping and being damaged probably when the vehicle brakes due to a mishap.

A Guide To Our Charity Program With Youth Off The Streets


Youth Off The Streets is an unbiased society institution founded in 1991 operating in favour of the underprivileged young generation who are either destitute, displaced, dependent on drugs or recovering from wrongdoing.

This institution is a pillar for these young people as it works to improve their lives and beat the endless private physical or mental pain such as indifference, bodily and/or impulsive misdeed.

Their main objective is to ensure these young people leave the institution free of drugs, with a sound school education, with an ability to do something for a living armed with a full-time or part-time job in hand.

Since its foundation, this institution has progressed from a single food van distributing meals to young destitute people on the streets of Kings Cross to a well-established large youth-related organization providing endless care nurtured through many types of services.

Some of their services include aboriginal programmes, accommodation at a critical situation, counselling alcohol and other drug-related issues, certified high schools, residential programs and supported by volunteers all the way.

Youth Off The Streets is officially recognized as an appropriate establishment for out of home care and sustains guidelines that abide by the benchmark standards as construed by the office of the children’s guardian.

Safe Environment

One of their goals is to ensure that the young generation is not denied the right for education, safe housing, rehabilitating drug and alcohol users, counselling and backing services directed at cracking the circle of deprivation, exploitation and neglect.

Growth Support

The youngsters who are involved in the programs and services are able to discover themselves, develop their skill, growth and education.


Youth Off The Streets enables the youngsters to change their future through the progress of their skills, confidence and liaison with each other, their families and relatives.


Hot Meal

The first program initiated by the Youth Off The Streets in 1991 was a food van that provided meals to destitute children in Kings Cross. Currently, there are 20- to 50 adult and young people who make use of this food van every night. No one is turned away and it is managed by a wonderful team of volunteers and drives in Sydney between Green Park and Darlinghurst feeding hungry people. A donation of $70 can provide 10 hot dinners from this food van.


In addition to providing food, donors could participate in other programs such as providing a personal kit, a bed for the night or a resource kit.

Personal Kit

With $20 a donor can provide the street walk program with a personal kit comprising of toothpaste, toothbrush and deodorant. The staff of this program and volunteers are on the Sydney streets from Sunday to Thursday every week at night. The young people in need are between the ages of 13 to 22 who are either destitute or at risk of being homeless.

Bed for the night

A donor could provide a bed for the night for $40 inclusive of tax to the crisis refuge which functions as part of the Inner West Youth Homelessness Services. This service support over 450 youngsters per year. The main focus is on early intervention and providing home support services for young people who are homeless or at risk of being destitute ranging from 16 to 25 years.

Resource Kit

A donor can provide a student with a resource kit for $50 inclusive of tax for a young person who is attending one of the accredited high schools and also provides these youngsters with an opportunity to achieve a sound education in a different background.

The young people enrolled in Youth Off The Streets schools study to change their lives and future. They are able to go back to school an achieve an education of their choice. The students are made meticulous with the skills required to continue their education, pursue vocational training or join the workplace.


Youth Off The Streets has helped more than 70,000 people with less than half of its funding coming from government sources. Independent Living Specialists is proud to be a part of this charity program. These images capture our representatives Romy Shorter & Jared Wilson handing over a cheque to the charity.

Youth Off The Streets has helped more than 70,000 people with less than half of its funding coming from government sources.
Independent Living Specialists is proud to be a part of this charity program. This image capture our representatives Romy Shorter & Jared Wilson handing over a cheque to the charity.