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The best suggestion for the transportation of the aging population and those with limited mobility is the power chairs and mobility scooters. Making the correct choice between these two devices will assist in getting back the independence and ability to living life according to your requirements.

However, it is important to apprehend the dissimilarity between power chairs and mobility scooters before purchasing. Firstly a complete medical assessment by a qualified medical practitioner is definitely required to ascertain your health, strength, and weaknesses to operate the device.

Benefits of an electric power chair

An electric power chair is an intricate and somewhat complicated device especially manufactured to completely improve a person’s mobility. Fitted with four to six wheels and guided by an automated joystick, this device is very movable and flexible enough to be used both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to its remarkable movability and capability of turning on the spot, the major advantage of this device is that it is perfect for indoor use. Moving it easily around narrow corners and limited space areas is one of its vital benefits.

Pride, Permobile, Shoprider, and Royale are some of power chair brands that offer a large range of seat movement options. Pride Go, Titan Power and Cobalt travel lite are some models that are adaptable and supportive to those with posture and disability issues. The Cougar power lift chair is capable of motorized standing, tilting and reclining resulting in using it for long hours comfortably. Travel Lite Electric folding power chair, R 4 Pride folding electric wheelchair, Shoprider jiffy power are some of the portable power chairs that could be dismantled for easy transportation.


Benefits of a mobility scooter

A mobility scooter aids a person to regain independence outside the home environment. This device is considered to be the safest substitute for people who intend to further their mobility outdoors. The current improved technology has resulted in most mobility scooters having a terrific movability and rapid turning circle making it perfect for indoor use too.

This device comes in a portable, lightweight, and heavy-duty category and comes in helpful when choosing a scooter according to your lifestyle. It is suitable for simple day trips to the mall, vacations along beachfront or even mountainous areas. Drive Medical, Invacare, Pride, and Shoprider are some of the top brand mobility scooters coming in various sizes and models.

envoy 4 plus mobility scooter

Portable mobility scooters

Scout Sport Quattro is a solid portable mobility scooter and a perfect choice for anyone looking for a scooter that can be dismantled and transported easily. This device is ideal for indoor and light outdoor activities such as trips to shopping malls and driving on pavements. This model is reliable, comfortable, stylish and performs well.

Pride Mobility GoGo Ultra

Heavy duty mobility scooters

Shoprider Rocky 4 and Rocky 6 are some of the heavy duty models that are suitable for rough outdoor activities such as climbing hills and riding on rugged landscapes. Equipped with longer battery life, better suspension, pneumatic tyres and a powerful motor it is also considered to be the ideal device to take care of daily chores such as visiting kith and kin or shopping.

Bariatric mobility scooter Shoprider Rocky 4


Specifically, a power chair is the best option if you are in need of a mobility aid to carry out your daily activities inside the home. It will give you the opportunity to spend more time with your family indoors or outdoors. Considering a three-wheel compact scooter depends on the user’s preference. On the other side, if the mobility aid is initially for use outside the home, the best solution is an electric mobility scooter.


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It is a well-known fact that elderly people need to lead an active lifestyle inclusive of mobility to enrich their daily life. The mobility scooter comes in helpful when there is a decline in their physical abilities such as driving a vehicle, going on long walks or even cycling.

Mobility scooters are manufactured for the elderly who may require to travel on a footpath or rough landscapes. However, it cannot be considered as a motor vehicle and are not allowed to be used on open roads except when crossing the road or on short distances where footpaths do not exist.

Seniors should consider purchasing mobility scooters that are foldable and equipped with swivel seats, reclining seats, speed battery charge, long range adjustable headrests removable armrests and by determining whether it is durable for long-term use.

 At Independent Living Specialists, we can tailor a model to suit all needs, whether it be a compact travel scooter or a robust heavy duty mobility scooter for country areas or long distances.

At Independent Living Specialists, we can tailor a model to suit all needs, whether it be a compact travel scooter or a robust heavy duty mobility scooter for country areas or long distances.

Lifestyle Improvement

Seniors could get around much better than what they did in the past with the availability of a vast selection of motorized mobility scooters. Seniors need not sit at home and miss out the fun anymore. They can attend family functions, visit malls or even have a nice ride around the neighbourhood.

Independent Living Specialists has many types of mobility scooters suitable for seniors in all their stores Australia wide. These devices are available on outright purchase, hire or rent with free delivery to the doorstep for online customers.

Scout sports Quattro mobility

This mobility scooter with all round suspension is the current top seller with a special price for online customers. It is equipped with a deluxe cushioned seat and wide armrests for a comfortable ride. In addition, its next-generation drive splitting mechanism provides easy storage and transportation.  A swivel seat for easy transmission, durable delta type handlebars for easy control and an electromagnetic braking system are some of the special features of this mobility scooter.

The Scout sport quattro Mobility Scooter features deluxe cushioned seating with stitching and contoured wide armrests for a more relaxed ride, and in addition to its comfort, it provides the next generation Drive splitting mechanism for easy storage and transportation.

The Scout sport quattro Mobility Scooter features deluxe cushioned seating with stitching and contoured wide armrests for a more relaxed ride, and in addition to its comfort, it provides the next generation Drive splitting mechanism for easy storage and transportation.

Viper Mobility Scooter

This mobility scooter is the newest entrant of the sporty range of mobility scooters at ILS. It is a very comfortable and reliable device similar to a sporty design in a more solid platform. The main plan during the manufacture of this excellent scooter has been the safety of the user. Therefore, it features an anti-roll structure to avoid mishaps while climbing hills. It is also equipped with a manual handbrake for emergency power stoppage.


Envoy 4 Plus Mobility Scooter

This mobility scooter is a new model in a stylish design and another top-selling device with a performance similar to much larger models. It is backed with unique features that include batteries that last longer, LED headlights, all round suspension to name a few.

The Envoy series, brings an outstanding addition to the Drive range of mobility scooters, with a brilliant performance similar to much bigger models.

The Envoy series, brings an outstanding addition to the Drive range of mobility scooters, with a brilliant performance similar to much bigger models.


Seniors can spend time outdoors and have fun the easiest way by using a motorized mobility scooter and uplift their daily routine life for the betterment of their health and independence. This terrific device is capable of providing the probability of remaining independent and active to those who are coping with immobility. Compared to a couple of years back, mobility scooters are now available at lower affordable prices and could even be covered by Medicare for part or total cost.


How To Find The Right Mobility Scooter For You

At Independent Living Specialists, we can tailor a model to suit all needs, whether it be a compact travel scooter or a robust heavy duty mobility scooter for country areas or long distances.

Specifically, mobility scooters have been manufactured for people who are handicapped with limited mobility due to a disability or aging process. Although a scooter is known as a motorized mobility device, the users are considered as pedestrians by law and supposed to follow the same rules as other pedestrians. In addition, despite not requiring a license to drive a scooter, getting a proper training to ride the scooter safely is very important.

Scooter or Wheelchair Requirement

Usually, the nature of your medical condition will determine whether a scooter or wheelchair is suitable for you. Most importantly, a mobility scooter is good for those who are able to walk short distances but has a condition that affects their general health, such as a heart condition or any other chronic illness. Further, you should have the strength to sit upright with less support from the head or torso and maintain balance while riding.

Practically, a mobility scooter is also not appropriate for those who need aid to get up from the bed to a chair. A mobility scooter is also considered to be cheaper than a powered wheelchair but take more space when turning and manoeuvering in small spaces. Taking this into consideration is very important if the scooter is being used indoors as this is a heavy machine and could be hazardous if the user has any doubt driving it safely.


Medical Advice

Whether it is your first scooter or the medical condition has changed or improved, it is best to speak to your doctor or an occupational therapist before a scooter is purchased. They are the only people qualified to decide on the suitability of the scooter.

Eyesight and mobility restrictions are some of the assessments a doctor or an occupational therapist will make, to ensure you are eligible for operating a mobility scooter safely.



A clear eyesight is vital to drive a mobility scooter safely. The user should have a good vision to see and avoid any obstacles in their way. Although scooter accidents are seldom, it could be hazardous for both user and others in the vicinity. Those with any form of vision loss should have a discussion with a doctor and ensure that they are able to identify anything movable or stationary, clearly see depths and colors and judge the riding speed and other moving devices around you.

Mobility Control

Always ensure you have the ability to drive a mobility scooter in various situations. Initially, you should be able to get in and out of the scooter safely. After getting in you should be able to sit upright without support and be able to maintain and shift your balance. You should also be able to use hand controls even when riding on rough ground. Most importantly, you should be able to get the scooter in and out of storage point.

Pride GoGo Lx Mobility Scooter Accessories


Being focused on the speed, distance and riding are very important while operating a mobility scooter. A person should also be able to concentrate for a long period of time while driving and be able to respond instantly and take immediate action in the event of an emergency. This is an important point that has to be discussed with your medical advisor, especially if your health is likely to change with time, or if you are on medications that could affect your awareness.

Discover The Travel Lite Electric Folding Power Chair


Lightweight electric wheelchairs play an important role in not only improving the independence of wheelchair users but also beneficial when it comes to traveling and adaptability.
Old age, lifelong illness or temporary handicap issues can affect upper limb support and the strength to be able to use self-propelling wheelchairs. This immobility could lead to an adverse blow on a person’s mood, dignity, and independence leading to being isolated socially due to total dependence on caregivers.

Travel Lite Electric Folding Power Chair-Phosphate Lithium Battery

This is a new and exclusive lightest electric folding power wheelchair guaranteeing a comfortable ride. Weighing 15kg and manufactured to carry a maximum weight of 150kg with a longer travel mileage. It is also equipped with a highly efficient brushless hub motor and joystick controller with 50% battery saving power. The battery cycle has been invented for 1000 charging cycles and manufactured out of tainted free material.


Features and accessories

• Equipped with the latest market technology brushless motors which are capable of saving more energy, compact, low sound and powerful
• Works on phosphate lithium batteries which has 10 times the working life of a standard lithium battery and a platinum lifespan of more than 1000 + charges.
• Capable of seating up to 150kg comfortably
• Large travel range of up to 28 km.
• Tilt recline – x 5 multi-adjust settings.
• Quick and slick folding for easy storage or transportation.
• Self-adjustable armrest
• Low maintenance on tires due to being solid and puncture proof.
• In the event of transportation, it is compatible with the Hercules lifter.
• Width adjustment kits included.
• Airline friendly
• Tested according to CE international standards.
• 2 years warranty


Social and Health Benefits

A lightweight electric wheelchair assists a user by increasing mobility power and independence to be able to travel far without getting tired by operating the manual wheelchair unit. This device is also easy to fold or dismantle while traveling and the best solution for a holiday or vacation usage.
Owning a lightweight electric wheelchair is beneficial when it comes to visiting friends and family, going on a holiday or engaging in activities that were restricted earlier. Users are able to participate in their normal social activities resulting in leading a happy life.
Leading an independent and happy life plays an important role in a person’s health and a user’s health is most likely to improve for the betterment.



The Travel Lite Electric Folding Powerchair is available in all Independent Living Specialists stores  while Australia wide free shipping and delivery is offered to all online purchases.

A Beginner’s Guide To Purchasing Electric Hospital Beds


Electric beds are usually used in hospitals for people who are constantly ill, or disabled. These beds have many evident medical benefits and also suitable to be used at home for those suffering from probable aches, pains and sleeping disorders. It is also perfect for people who prefer to sit comfortably whilst reading or watching TV on the bed.


Having an adjustable electric bed to improve health and comfortable living has many benefits. Relief from back pain, sleep apnea, asthma, snoring and improved independence are some of the benefits that could be attained by using an electric adjustable bed.

Back pain

Back pain could be reduced considerably, as when the mattress is adjusted at the head and foot, it gives space for the back, supporting the spine by relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Relieve Sleep Apnea, Asthma and Snoring

Sleep Apnea and asthma are breathing problems that can be reduced by using an adjustable bed frame to raise the head. Sleeping in a curved manner could improve airflow, lowering blockage from the nasal passage to permit a healthy uninterrupted sleep. It will also reduce the possibility of an asthma attack as the oxygen that is reduced when lying flat will be able to move more freely.

Snoring usually occurs when a person lies flat, and this makes the neck put extra weight on the windpipe and closing it, resulting in a noise known as snoring. When the bed’s adjustable frame lifts the head, gravity permits the weight to be taken off the windpipe, resulting in a reduction of the snoring.

Invacare 1600 Bed

Improves Independence

Getting in and out of bed is a big issue when age, disability or other health issues affect a person’s mobility. An electric bed base is the best aid when it comes to helping to get into bed and out of bed without any assistance thereby improving a person’s independence.

Independent Living Specialists has electric adjustable beds specially manufactured by I-care and Betten Malsch for those who need to purchase a suitable bed to match your requirements.

I-Care Luxury IC222 Hospital Bed

Made from high tensile steel, the steel frame gives a good strong foundation.  This bed is suitable for people who find it difficult to get in and out of normal beds and permits numerous sleeping posture.

Capable of holding up to 180kg with features adjustable height, head, foot lift and knee break, flexible slat system, whisper quiet electric motor and 10-year warranty.


Betten Malsch Nicole Hi-Lo Bed

Betten Malsch is a certified ISO 9001 quality management company and their beds are well-known for quality and reliability with over 15 years of experience in providing medical and home care beds to happy customers.

The steel frame of the bed is laminated with flexible beech wood slats base providing a strong sleeping exterior including wooden side rails. Equipped with a quality German Dewert motor system and 4 individual lockable rubber castors. It separates into four sections for easy transport and storage. 2-year warranty is offered on frame and motor.

Betten Malsch Nicole Bed