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Understanding Your Mobility Needs.

Our comprehensive guide will help you to find the mobility scooter best suited to your needs. Try the scooter selection quiz to find the right mobility scooter for you and start enjoying the great outdoors!

How to Decide
What to consider when choosing a scooter

Choosing a mobility scooter can be overwhelming. This quick guide will help you to understand the most important factors to consider to help you decide the types of mobility scooters are right for you. Take our quick scooter quiz and discover the best mobility scooters for your needs .

Do you need to transport your scooter in the boot of a car or on a plane?

A portable mobility scooter that can be packed into a car or on a plane is ideal for people with active lifestyles. They are easy to collapse for travel on car trips, planes and cruise ships. They are also handy for storage purposes.

What everyday settings does your scooter need to accommodate for?

Mobility scooters are designed for different terrains. Consider the surfaces that you will be driving on regularly. Note that some mobility scooters can operate on multiple terrain conditions.

Comfort & Drive
Is the smoothness of the ride important for you or would you prefer solid wheels which are less smooth but require less maintenance?

Mobility scooters have different comfort features to enhance the driving experience. Consider the features that are important to you – pneumatic tyres for a smooth ride, height adjustable seat, control panels, turning radius, others.

Power and Battery Life
It is important to consider how far you need to travel between charges.

The driving range of your mobility scooter can be anywhere from 15km to 60km between charges. Power and battery life can be affected by the type of battery used, terrain, size and weight of load, and the way you drive.

Will you need accessories such as mirrors, safety flag, lighting, trailer, canopy, and bag/basket?

You can customise your mobility scooter with compatible accessories. They will prepare you for a safe and comfortable driving experience. Some accessories have been designed with your lifestyle in mind, for example, a rear bag or basket for shopping items.

Mobility scooters range in price from less than $1,500 to $10,000.

There are a number of factors that determine the price of mobility scooters such as brand, weight capacity, type of batteries and other features such as suspension options. Use our simple selector tool to find the mobility scooters that match your needs and budget.

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