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One of the obvious reasons why you would be looking to purchase an electric mobility scooter is for mobility. If you have difficulty walking or you tire out easily after a short distance on foot, using an electric mobility scooter will greatly improve your quality of life and offer you independence and a new lease in life. As you get older, you will find that certain tasks become more difficult than they used to. The same applies to someone who is suffering from an ailment. By using an electric mobility scooter, you are looking to save that energy otherwise spent straining yourself spent walking or even using the likes of a self-propelled wheelchair which would utilise your shoulder muscles, wrist, and elbow joints. You are then able to carry on your daily plans accordingly, and not need to rest and/or recuperate when walking tires you out.

Buying an electric mobility scooter will be a good purchase option with its benefits when compared to that of using other mobility solution, which would require a certain level of energy utilisation such as with a wheelchair or walker. Electric mobility scooters, which are battery powered, allow you to regain your independence indoors and outdoors. Most models are manufactured to take on rugged terrain and go distances between charging the electric mobility scooters. Some models can go as far as 56 kilometres, which makes it ideal for users who want to be able to go distances and maintain their daily living routines as they have had in the past.

As there are many types of options and models for you to choose from, when you buy an electric mobility scooter, you should always consider what suits you the best in terms of comfort, how easy it is to use and how well it can help you accomplish your tasks. These alone may be deciding factors when you want to find the best electric mobility scooter for you. If you are unsure of whether you want to buy a mobility scooter, why not try one out by hiring mobility scooters from Independent Living Specialists and testing it out to find out how convenient using a mobility scooter is. By choose to hire a mobility scooter for the minimum rental period of two weeks, you are able to either collect your hire item from any of the ILS showrooms in Sydney or have it delivered to you by courier (delivery charges may apply).

During this period, you can try out your mobility scooter on hire in different environments in order for you to fully experience the merits of owning an electric mobility scooter. Attempt to use it in your home, down the road, at a supermarket and manoeuvre yourself in tight corners and more.

If you have concerns about buying a mobility scooter in terms of safety, storage, use in shared indoor/outdoor spaces and also assessing which type of mobility scooter is best for your height and weight, speak to our Occupational Therapists who are ready to answer your questions.

If you are tall then check out our blog post on “Choosing A Mobility Scooter For A Tall Person”. In terms of weight, you should consider the Max SWL (which stands for Maximum Safe Working Load) which determines how much the weight the electric mobility scooter can bear and is safe to use. Four-wheeled electric scooters are also best suited for larger users or users who would like to shop (and use the scooter to carry goods home with them).

Don’t forget that Independent Living Specialists has a Pride Mobility Scooter Promotion where you get a mobility pack free with every purchase of a Pride electric mobility scooter!


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