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Independent Living Specialists are experts in the field of providing a wide range of walking aids to the handicapped and aged population. They have 42 types of walkers to suit your budget and give back your independence.

The Seat walker-rollator four wheeled walker, seat walker with basket, travel lite portable outdoor seat walker with seat, bag, and crutch holder, carbon fibre nitro elite super light weight seat walker, trust care outdoor seat walker with backrest and bag and space saver walker are the most popular fast selling products.

Seat Walker –Rollator Four Wheeled Walker

It is a heavy duty squad seat walker that comes with a 130kg maximum safe working limit certified as per Australian standards. The features are new “light touch” lock brake system, new 15cm flat ridged wheel to minimize wheel wobble and increase grip, and easy fold rounded backrest for comfort. It’s usable indoors and outdoors. The nylon bag conceals visibility of valuable items and it’s foldable without the storage bag being removed.

hero medical walker

Seat Walker with Basket-Auscare

The seat walker with basket is available in red, blue, purple, black or champagne colours. It has handbrakes and adjustable as per height. It’s aluminum with lockable loop lever handbrakes and soft rubber hand grips. It also features a curved padded backrest and a cushioned seat for comfort. The cushioned seat could be lifted to allow access to the shopping basket. It is also fitted with six-inch wheels for small turning circles making it easy to be used indoors and outdoors.

Seat Walker with Basket

Travel Lite Portable Outdoor Seat Walker with Seat, Bag and Crutch Holder

This is a new modern seat walker designed by Hero. It is manufactured to give maximum mobility to the user with many important features. It has a handle height which could be adjusted quickly and an easy foldable system. The seating is comfortable with the excellent ability of movement. It could be folded into a compact unit for easy transportation and maintenance is very low. It is available in silver and blue.

Travel Lite Portable Outdoor seat walker_silver_front

Carbon Fibre Nitro /elite Super Light Weight Seat Walker

This product has luxurious super lightweight carbon fibre frame with sleek nitro elite CF rollators designed for fast and smooth mobility. The big 10” front wheels with a sturdy braking system are designed for ideal steering and control. The handle height could be adjusted easily with a push of a button and the seat is comfortable and quite durable.It could be folded easily to an ultra-compact size and for convenient storage on the go, it has a deluxe zippered bag.


Trust care Outdoor Seat Walker with Backrest and Bag

The trust care outdoor seat walker is better known as the “let’s go out walker”. This walker has a light and elegant design featuring an X frame cross folding system which enables it to stand alone when folded. The large front and rear wheels along with a spring system help to ensure an easy journey. The height adjustable rubber handles are soft and comfortable with a manageable brake that can be locked. It has an artificial soft leather seat and removable bag. This walker adds to a patient’s quality of life as they are able to walk outdoors under comfortable and safe conditions. It is available in black and silver.

Trust Care Outdoor Seat Walker

Space Saving Walker

The space saver walker is a portable walker which can go anywhere. It is fitted with wheels only on the front and could be quickly and easily folded up for storage in small spaces. The four-inch wheels and rear glides help to walk without difficulty.

Foldable Walker in use

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