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Drive Medical Heavy Duty Power Assist for Wheelchairs

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You can now power up your Heavy Duty wheelchair with ease! The Drive Medical Heavy Duty Power Assist is designed for caretakers to easily push manual wheelchairs while ensuring patients safety. The unit can be attached to most manual wheelchairs and is equipped with a max speed up to 6.4km with a range of 16km. The Drive Medical Heavy Duty Power Assist is perfect for home and medical care use, that aids well in pushing wheelchairs up an incline or a longer distance.  

The wheelchair is not included and should be purchased separately.


The Heavy Duty Power Assist converts the majority of manual wheelchairs into powered wheelchairs operated by a caregiver. It makes wheeling a heavy wheelchair easier and makes short work of inclines, ramps, and uneven surfaces. Its revolutionary “one-click” docking station enables effortless installation and removal in only seconds.

The Power Glide Assist features,

  • Designed to work with manual wheelchairs with widths 16” – 24”.
  • Range of up to 16km (10 miles) between charges.
  • Weight capacity of 182kg/400lbs (user and wheelchair combined).
  • Maximum speed of up to 6.4km/h (4mph).
  • Dual-wheel design for added traction and stability


The wheelchair is not included and should be purchased separately.

Additional information


Drive Medical

Cruising range between charges

up to 10 miles (16km)

Maximum speed

6.4 km/h (4mph)

Weight capacity

182kg (400lbs)


Height: 38cm (15”)
Length: 38cm (15”)
Width: 25cm (9.8”)

Maximum gradient


19.2kg (weight with battery)
9kg (battery pack)


2x 12V 12ah Sealed Lead Acid


24V 200W D.C.


2A 24V output


PG – S – DRIVE 45A

Fits wheelchair widths

40.6cm – 61cm (16” – 24”)

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