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Corner Seat

The Corner Seat by Jenx is a versatile seating solution for infants and young children, designed to provide support in the long-sitting position. The bright and comfortable design makes it an ideal first seat for any child. It can also be used in conjunction with the Jenx Nursery Table for activities and mealtimes.


The Corner Seat features an adjustable height back and can be used with or without the upper back support. An abduction block helps to keep the user well-positioned, with their hips placed well back into the seat. The distinct corner shape helps to maintain the user in midline, while the small triangular cushions provide the option of a flat back with wings.

In addition, the Corner Seat can be safely connected to the Jenx Nursery Table with small touch and close straps, enabling users to have greater interaction with peers and enjoy a variety of activities, including working and playing with other children across the table.

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