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Walking Rein


Introducing Medifab’s Walking Rein – the ultimate solution for keeping your loved ones close and safe during walks. Designed for young children to adolescents and adults with specific behavioural needs, these walking reins offer added support and management during walks.


Individuals with curious minds can slip out of your sight in a blink of an eye, but with a Medifab walking rein, you can keep your loved ones close. These walking reins are ideal to use as a back-up safety method, especially during walks to the park where dangerous roads are never far or in shopping centres where lots of people can be distracting.

Please note, never leave your child unattended. This product is not a substitute for proper adult supervision.

Additional information

Handling Rein Length

Up to 31" including handle

Length of Chest Pad Webbing

Approx 7" including D-Ring (for 'escapologist' harnesses)

Length from Chest Pad to Carer's Hand

38" for the 'escapologist' harness

Total rein length including approximate length of carer's arm

Approximately 1.5 metres. Rein can be adjusted to be smaller so the harness user is closer if required.

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