Zippie Xperience

The Zippie Xplore and Xperience These paediatric configurations of Xplore and Xperience, are ideal for the most active kids sharing their time between indoor and outdoor activities. Whether it’s for hanging out with friends outside, playing sports, riding around the house or at school, nothing will get in its way. The Paediatric X Series are truly modular power wheelchairs that can be equipped from the most basic configuration to the most complex. On both mid and hybrid drive configurations, the interactive 6-wheel suspension along with the seat suspension both enhance the stability, skill and comfort for it’s paediatric user.

Additional information


Paediatric mid or hybrid drive

Weight Capacity

136 kg

Transport Options


Base Length without front riggings

35 1’8”

Base Width


Battery Type

22 NF

Fully Modular Rehab Seat

Adjustable from 11” to 16”

Available Power Seating Options

Tilt, Lift, PELR, Shear reduction Recline

Custom Power Seating Options


Available with Specialty Control


Seat to Floor Height Range

17 1/4 to 19 1/4”

Seat to Floor Height

19 1/4

Motor Options (maximum speed)

10 kph

Turning Radius

21 3/4

Electronics (PG drive)

RNET (90 OR 120 amps)

Available with assistive driving package

Yes (The Smart-Track)

Bluetooth infared compatible


Lighting Package

Yes (Optional)

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