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Patients who spend most of their time in a hospital have to take special care to reduce risks of pressure related sores and wounds. This is an important feature of health care and it is needed in all aspects of daily activities. Pressure care equipment has been designed in particular for elderly and others who are immobile and unable to change positions on their own and to avoid being inflicted with pressure sores and wounds due to their immobility.

Independent Living Specialists has a range of Roho pressure cushions in all their stores Australia wide. These cushions have been specially procured from a reliable and reputed manufacturer ‘Roho’.

Use of Pressure Cushions

Pressure cushions give maximum comfort and aid for those who sit for long periods of time. The dimpled or strengthened pads give a patient additional support and retain pressure when they need it the most. It could be fitted to your chair to replace or improve the cushions currently used. The square pressure cushion is ideal to be used after surgery.

Requirement of Pressure Cushions

It is important to know that those who are inflicted with immobility are at risk of getting pressure ulcers by spending long periods in the same position. These ulcers are very painful and usually occur through continuous pressure on soft tissue generally found over a part of a bone area such as shoulder, heel or hip. When the skin rubs frequently against clothes or bed linen or even perspiration could worsen the problem.  Pressure ulcers could also lead to serious health issues as due to the blood flow to the affected area being reduced it could cause dangerous infections which may be slow to heal and not easy to cure.

Anyone at risk of developing pressure ulcers should take quick medical treatment and thereafter based on medical advice resort to using a pressure cushion specially designed to amend or prevent the problem.

Roho Pressure Cushions

Roho low profile pressure cushion, Roho high profile pressure cushion and Roho high profile Quattro pressure cushion are the fast-moving cushions of the Roho brand available at Independent Living Specialists stores Australia wide.

Roho Low Profile Pressure Cushion 

It has a unique shape which promotes blood circulation to facilitate prevention of pressure, maximum relief, and healing faster. When the body is placed in the cushion, the adjustable cells adapt according to patient’s body shape and a bigger contact area is gained for the distribution of pressure, resulting in minimizing of pressure in any one area. Air pressure is adjustable and can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the user. The durable neoprene manufacture is soft and suits skin sensitivity and easy to clean.

Pressure Cushion - Roho - Low Profile

Roho High Profile Pressure Cushion

It has cells that are interconnected. Its exclusive shape promotes blood circulation to assist the progress of pressure prevention, relief, and healing. The durable Neoprene manufacture is soft and suits skin sensitivity and easy to clean. The air pressure is adjustable and can be altered to suit the requirements of the user.

Pressure Cushion - Roho - High Profile

Roho Quadtro High Profile Pressure Cushion

The Roho Quadtro has a greater depth immersion, which provides a greater level of pressure care. Air pressure is adjustable and can be altered to suit requirements of the user.  Constructed with a durable neoprene which is soft to the suit the skin and could be easily cleaned. In addition, a breathable zippered Lycra cover with a non-slip base is provided along with Roho Quadtro pump.

Pressure Cushion - Roho Quadtro - High Profile

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