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Today’s mobility scooters are of modern high-tech designs and complexity and come with a lot of parts and accessories. They are complete with controllers, motors, joysticks, batteries, battery chargers and other electronics. The accessories include cup holders, crutch holders, seat walker holders, water-resistant covers and mobility scooter canopies among many. These mobility scooter parts and accessories are easily purchased online through the Independent Living Specialists at ilsau.com.au

Mobility Scooter Cup Holders

Mobility Scooter Cup Holder is a useful gadget to have on your mobility scooter in order to carry your favorite beverage or some water when on the move. It is designed for stability so there is no chance of spillage.


Seat Walker Holder for Scooter

Seat Walker holder is a very useful tool for those who use a walker to move around so that in case they need to walk they have their walker at hand. It is fitted to the rear bracket of the scooter or in combination with a rear carry bag. Velcro straps ensure that the walker is held securely whilst driving.


Pride Mobility Scooter Mirror

The Pride Mobility Scooter Mirror helps to keep check of what is happening behind you, especially useful when traveling on roads to keep check of traffic. This is a black finish mirror with a threaded end to screw into handlebars of the any of the Pride models.


Mobility Scooter Canopy and Water Resistant Cover

Both the mobility scooter canopy and the water resistant cover can give you and the scooter protection against the elements of weather. The canopy will help you travel in the rain or in the harsh sun. The water resistant cover will keep your mobility scooter clean and dust free. This can keep your mobility scooter safe from rusting and getting scratched so that it will keep looking brand new. It comes in both medium and large sizes so you can pick one according to your scooter size.


Mobility Scooter Flag

The mobility scooter flag is another new and useful accessory. At only sixteen dollars the bright orange flag helps to increase visibility for scooter users making it safer to travel on streets.


Mobility Scooter Crutch Holder

Mobility Scooter Crutch Holder is useful to have access to your crutch whenever you need it. Mobility Scooter Bag and Crutch Holders are even more convenient to someone hoping to travel with a load.


Independent living Specialists offer free shipment to any purchases exceeding the amount of hundred and twenty-five dollars. Currently, they are offering some pretty good deals as well so you should grab this chance to get all the mobility scooter parts that you need as soon as possible. Independent living Specialists are also known for online shopping safety and excellent service so you should have no fear purchasing their products.

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