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A Zimmer walking frame is a device that is used to provide additional support when walking or standing. It has been designed to be used while walking short to medium distances with provision to add accessories according to the user’s requirements.

Purpose of a Walking Frame

A Zimmer walking frame takes the excess weight off the legs and the Zimmer frame distributes the user’s body weight into the arms, taking the weight off the legs, which gets rid of any pain and agony caused due to the weight of the body. Due to this reason, the user will be able to walk for longer periods without feeling tired.

How to Choose a Walking Frame

It is important to choose the correct height as it provides the best support and comfort. The width doesn’t matter as it depends on the user’s choice. The correct height could be selected in the same manner of selecting a walking stick, merely by taking the measurements from the ground to your wrist bone with the arms at your side.

Facts About Zimmer Walking Frames 2

Types of Walking Frames

There are various types of walking frames in different styles which include four-wheeled frames, three-wheeled frames, two-wheeled frames, and immobile/pick-up frames. The suitable walking frame varies according to the user’s walking and balance requirements. It is advisable to seek advice from a physiotherapist who may be more aware of your current requirements. Zimmer walking frames, Zimmer seat walkers, and Zimmer mobility walkers are available in all stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide.

Points to Ponder

• The nature of the area where the walking frame will be used such as indoors, outdoors, smooth surfaces, stairs, tight spaces, or uneven spaces.

• Whether the frame is transported by car or public transport. Depending on the outcome the frame’s weight should be considered and capacity to be folded. The suitable walking frame varies according to the user’s walking and balance requirements. It is advisable to seek advice from a physiotherapist who may be more aware of your current requirements.

• How is the disposition of the individual’s walk? Can they balance themselves, walking speed, and strength?

• Ensure the height of the walker is correct.

• Maintaining the walking frame in good condition.

Generally, a walking frame is also known as a Zimmer frame Walker, wheeled walker, frame, or rollator are also referred to as the same.

The Necessity of a Zimmer Frame

A person who is unable to stand up, need balance while walking, or require extra support to balance should contemplate investing in a Zimmer frame. Further, Zimmer frames are ideal for those with permanent disabilities, reciprocating from an injury or surgery, and elderly people who are vulnerable to falls.
Although it may be used temporarily or permanently for those with prolonged walking issues, those using it during reciprocating will get the confidence to walk whilst regaining their independence and feeling secure, before transferring to another type of walking aid.

Despite the Zimmer  walking frame being a beneficial mobility aid, it is not quite recommendable for everyone. A wheelchair or a mobility scooter is more suitable for long-distance travels and alternatively, a walking stick is apt when only minimal support is needed to get around.

Zimmer Frame Products



Heavy-Duty Walking Frame This Zimmer frame assists those with walking difficulties and has a wide frame to suit the bariatric user. The height is adjustable as required by the user and could be folded flat for easy storage and transportation
Hero Medical Tutor Plus Forearm Walker This device is equipped with 4 wheels which can be interchanged with rear leg skis. This feature facilitates users with different needs to refrain from buying additional new unit fixed with wheel/skis
Side Quick-Fold Walking Frame This walking frame is built with aluminium and features an easy fold system which bends the walking frame sideways. It is height-adjustable and fitted with extendable legs, PVC handgrips and expendable rubber tips
aged care equipment Aids for daily living Zimmer Frame
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