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If you have mobility disabilities or suffer from weakening leg and hand muscles, quite often you may be having difficulty standing up your own. Weaknesses of muscle could occur for several reasons, at any age or time in one’s life. Most often it is because of aging, accidents, genetic disabilities or surgery. Whatever these unfortunate conditions maybe, lift chairs can help you overcome them and live your life carefreely.


Lifting you up!

A lift chair basically lifts up, at the press of a button, lifting you with it to standing position from that of sitting position. It is much safer to stand up using a lift chair rather than trying to stand alone with difficulty. In addition to lifting you up, it also gives comfort and support while you sit or recline for a quick nap. All of this can be done at a press of a button. They are fully equipped to provide optimum support to your body structure, with backrests and footrests.

Different models to suit your needs

The 2-position or TV recline type of lift chair is for those who prefer to be seated upright when engaged in reading, watching television or when conversing with someone. However, the 3-position or full recline type of lift chairs offer the all three positions of standing, sitting and reclining. This is more convenient to shift your body to any position according to your needs and moods. The infinite position or sleep recline type of lift chairs are even more convenient to take naps or even extended sleep as they recline fully. So it is important to find what positions a certain lift chair offers before buying one.


Motor options

Also important to check is the type of motor that runs in the lift chair. The single motor lift chair functions according to a particular order. Thus your footrest will be raised first before reclining the backrest and in coming upright the backrest will first come up followed by the footrest falling to its place. However a dual motor lift chair functions without such an order thus letting you control the footrest and backrest independently.

Covering to suit your style and comfort

The type of cover for the lift chair too can be accessorized to suit you. You can choose a smooth, comfortable covering as well as colours and patterns that complement the other furniture and carpeting at your home.

Best Way to Enjoy

The best way to enjoy your lift chair is to position it to accommodate what you enjoy doing, be it watching television, reclining on a balcony, spending time with family, reading books or magazines, sleeping or sipping tea. It is also good to keep snacks nearby. It is going to help you enjoy your day in whichever position you choose and stand up whenever you feel the need without having to ask for assistance.

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