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Over Toilet Aids and other bathroom accessories help make transferring on and off the toilet easy. We realise that for some patients, a trip to the bathroom can be difficult or even impossible. Accordingly, we do our best to offer an extensive range of aids to make life easier for patients, including toilet surround frames, bedside commodes with open- or closed-front padded seats, 3-in-1 over toilet aids, commodes and shower stools, as well as a number of accessories to suit diverse individual requirements.

This breakdown provides an overview of some of the aids available to patients and to help you with make the right purchasing decision. Patient requirements will vary depending on their condition. For those unable to stand or use the toilet, please see our range of urinals. For other patients, see below.

For patients who are bedridden or have trouble traveling to the bathroom, bedside commodes provide fast accessibility to toileting. Our commodes are designed for use with commode bowls and lids which either come with your purchase or are purchased as separate components. For a patient who is not able to take themselves to the bathroom during the night, a bedside commode will provide additional comfort and peace of mind.

A bedside commode is transportable and has a removable bowl for easy cleaning. For hygiene purposes, all commodes come with a fitted lid and many include splash-guards. Our commodes are available in a range of materials with various seat attachments to suit individual requirements. For easy storage when the commode is not in use, some commodes are also compactable.

When deciding which commode is right for the patient, consider whether the commode is to be frequently or occasionally used. This will help you to determine whether it will need to be compactable for storage. The Folding Bedside Commode’s collapsible design makes it perfect for patients who only use their commode occasionally and is ideal to store at relatives’ homes. If the commode will be frequently used and kept in the bedroom, a simple, height adjustable commode with a padded removable seat is a tasteful and subtle option and can second as a regular chair when not in use.

The standard Bedside Commode and the Bariatric Extra Wide Bedside Commode with padded seats to conceal the bowls are excellent for patients who will frequently use their commode. Subtle design, ease of use, hygiene and easy cleaning are at the forefront of the design of all of our bedside commodes.

For patients who need help lowering onto and rising from the toilet, our range of raised toilet seats, over toilet aids and grab make transferring to and from the toilet easy.

Raised toilet seats help to overcome height issues and provide comfort and support for patients with hip or knee injuries. For a simple, removable raised seat, the Savannah and the Prima raised seats are great value for money. Both are easily positioned, adjustable and can be removed for easy cleaning. For your comfort, they feature inbuilt stain and odour resistance.

Over toilet aids and toilet surrounds are designed to assist patient transfer on and off the toilet and are a great option if you are looking for a non-permanent fixture in the bathroom. Some feature compactable design for easy storage. The Aluminium, Steel, and Folding over toilet aids are all height adjustable, as are most of our toilet surrounds, to suit the patient’s changing needs. If an over toilet aid will be used frequently, consider an aid with a lifetime warranty against rust, such as the Aluminium and Folding aids. Some accessories are available for our over toilet aids and commodes, including splash guards, removable bowls and lids and hygienic bowl carriers.

For further assistance in the bathroom see our range of Goanna chairs, shower commodes, grab rails for extra assistance getting up and down and bottom wipers. And don’t forget to look out for the latest offers while browsing our website.

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