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Bottom Wiper – Buckingham Easy Wipe

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The Easywipe bottom wiping toilet assist was a first among toileting aids in terms of design. The ergonomic form was developed after extensive research to assist anyone with limited dexterity and reach. Using a simple push-button mechanism, the Buckingham Easywipe grabs the toilet tissue firmly and then releases it cleanly. The Easywipe eliminates the need to touch the paper after use, which is one of the disadvantages of conventional devices that require you to manually remove the soiled paper.


  • The Easywipe Bottom Wiper helps you wipe after using the toilet by extending your reach.
  • After wiping, the toilet tissue is released cleanly without the need to contact the soiled paper.
  • It works just as well with toilet paper as it does with wet wipes.
  • There are no dirt traps in this smooth, easy-to-clean design.
  • It comes with its own wipe-clean carry case and is latex-free.

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