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Although a lift chair resembles a normal reclining chair, most people are not aware of what a lift chair exactly does or who actually benefits from this device.

A lift chair has additional features than a normal reclining chair and it is considered as a medical equipment which can be used in an upright or reclined position with just a push of a switch. Its distinctness is that it has a powerful lifting system capable of triggering to tilting the base and back of the chair forward enabling the user to easily get into a standing position. The user is also able to operate the device by pushing buttons on a remote instead of using a lever or switch manually. These kinds of chairs are known in various terms but it all refer to the same chair. Most importantly, whether it is a Smokey Dawson, Lift homecare, medical lift, adjustable lift, or electrical lift it all refers to the same thing.

Lift chairs can be customized to suit your exact needs as it is available in different sizes and styles with many optional features.

Benefits of a Lift Chair

A lift chair is the best choice for anyone having difficulty transferring from a seated position to standing due to limited mobility or issues with balancing. In addition to assisting to simply standing up and sitting down its benefits are beyond limits. The optional feature of heat and massage provides therapeutic benefits to those with back pain, arthritis, stiff or sore joints, and many other related conditions. It could also be used for relaxing purposes such as watching television, read or exercise related activities. Some people even prefer to sleep on it rather than their bed due to the different positions available. Most lift chairs can be reclined to a flat position and also modified to different angles and elevated for better comfort. It is also the best solution for people who need to keep their feet elevated while seated or asleep.


The Place to find a Lift Chair

Lift chairs are available at all stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide, tailor-made to suit any need of the user, even if it is a compact chair to fit into a tight space or larger twin motor chair for much stronger usage. The chair could also be covered in the available material according to the customer’s liking and room décor depending on the brand. ILS assures reliable, great pricing, and friendly delivery service whether it is on hire, rent or bought outright.



Independent Living Specialists has more than 30 lift chairs in their stores from some of the leading brands such as Days Healthcare, Drive Medical, K Care, Pride, Royale, S.M.Homecare and Topform. Furthermore, Mayfair select recliner electric chair, Stella electric recliner chair, and Pride C5 electric recliner chair are some of the most popular lift chairs available at ILS. The lift chairs available vary to suit persons weighing 100kgs to 225kgs.

A quiet and smooth three position single motor lift system. The Price C5 is an excellent choice for an affordable medium to large chaise lounger.

A quiet and smooth three position single motor lift system. The Pride C5 is an excellent choice for an affordable medium to large chaise lounger.

Comfort Lift Chairs
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