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Power chairs are the trending walking aid right now due to their usefulness and versatility. There are many forms and designs of power chairs available in the market now to help any need of the customers. Power chairs are battery operated and aid those who are suffering from mobility issues due reasons such as aging, hereditary factors, accidents or any other disease condition to be independent and move around on their own will. There are many reasons that validate owning a power chair but we will be listing the top five.

Number One: To Move Around the House

With certain mobility disabilities, you can face a difficulty to move around the house as well. In that situation what you need is a three-wheeled power chair that can take the tight corners in your house and help you to attend to your daily tasks. Power chairs are often very useful for the elderly as they can be controlled with a joystick and do not need strength.

Number Two: To Move Outdoors

Most often even if you are facing mobility issues, there are certain tasks that may require you to step outside, especially if you live alone. This can include going to the post box or to a neighbor’s house for a chat or even a quite ride in the neighborhood. With a power chair, you just have to get on and power on. Outdoor power chairs are much sturdier in structure to handle rough and sloping surfaces.

Number Three: To Travel

Another reason to own a power chair is if you have the desire to travel; abroad or within the country. There are power chairs such as the Pride R-40 Fusion Power chairs are quite compact and can be transported by vehicle, plane or cruise ship; thus allowing your dream to travel. The Pride R-40 also delivers stability over rough terrain and speed of 10km/h, so it is ideal for traveling.

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Number Four: For Children with Mobility Disabilities

The power chair is especially useful for children with mobility disabilities to move around and attend to their tasks. It can facilitate them to go to school and any other place they need to go including the park or the playground. Permobil has designed many power chairs which can be attractive to the children’s needs with colourful and bright outlooks. They include models like the Permobil Koala Scripted and the Permobil K300 PS Jr Scripted. The Permobil C400 VS JR Stander Scripted Power Chair is a beauty that allows the user to drive while both in standing position and driving position.

Number Five: Safety and Comfort

The final and most important reasons are the safety and comfort offered by the power chair. Especially if you are unstable on your feet it is advisable to be in a power chair to avoid falling. It also allows quick movement in case of emergencies. Also with comfortable seating and accessories, it can allow you all the comfort you need.

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