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Treatment tables are available in different types to suit specific needs of patients. Treatment tables help support patients during various medical examinations in doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals. The tables can be positioned to enhance patient support, closer accessibility to the patient, and the ability to move the patient on and off the table safely. Some treatment tables are used during patient treatment such as physiotherapy and rehab. Types of treatment tables include manually adjustable tables, power adjustable tables, static tables, mat tables and pediatric tables.

Manual adjustable tables

Manually adjustable tables are usually available with adjustable back and height options. Some are also available with inbuilt drawers and cabinets to allow you to store essentials.

Power adjustable exam tables

Power adjustable exam tables or hi-lo exam tables are known to offer maximum flexibility and ergonomic comfort for both the patient and healthcare professional. These tables are fully height adjustable. The patient transfers from wheelchairs or gurneys on to the table are smoother and less disruptive for patients because of this. Also during an exam, healthcare workers can easily position the table to the desired height using a foot-controlled power pedal which allows them to use both hands to provide uninterrupted therapy to the patient. Power adjustable exam tables often come equipped with separately adjustable sections to allow the upper and lower body to be positioned at different angles.

Static treatment tables

Static treatment tables stay firmly in place once they are set up, making them a great choice rehab gyms which require a permanently positioned table. They are highly versatile and can be used in a variety of applications by rehabilitation practitioners. They fulfill the needs of various medical and therapy fields including chiropractic, massage, rehab, physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training and sports medicine, and for any interaction between doctor and patient. Static treatment tables are especially useful for someone recovering from a physical injury.


Mat tables

Mat tables are padded and secure tables that allow patients to engage in physical exercises and receive physical therapy. It is accessible patients who use mobility devices as well.

Pediatric treatment tables

Pediatric treatment tables help to keep young patients calm and comfortable during a medical examination in doctor’s offices, clinics or hospitals. These tables come in colorful designs to create a fun, kid-friendly environment for children of all ages.

Portable treatment tables

There are even portable treatment tables available now that can be easily assembled or disassembled. They also come with packaging that is easy to move around. This is very suitable for house call medical services when treating patients at their homes.


Treatment tables come in many different varieties to suit the needs of patients to allow them comfort while getting diagnosed or getting treatment.

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