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The Bellavita Bathtub bath lift is an aged care equipment introduced to the market in October 2018 by Independent Living Specialist and now available in all their stores Australia wide.

This mobility aid provides immense assistance to the elderly to get back their freedom and privacy in the bathroom. Manufactured in Germany, this aged care equipment weighs only 9.3 kg and considered to be the lightest bath lift in the market. It is also the lowest bath lift available. Other features include easy dismantling, installing and operating, a backrest that reclines 50 degrees, user-friendly charger, built in safety controls, 4 quick release suckers with options for an additional 2 for anti-slip bath base. It is capable of holding a maximum capacity of 140kg with a lifetime guarantee on frame and motor and 2 years guarantee on battery/handset.



A Bellavita bathtub aid is able to improve symptoms of people ailing with neuromuscular or autoimmune diseases. Those with Parkinson disease to multiple sclerosis and arthritis experiencing limited mobility or balance issues could improve blood circulation and soothe their sore muscles. Users of bath lifts have found their energy level increased as they don’t have to strain themselves physically. The use of this aged care equipment gives an opportunity to those facing medical limitations gain back a luxury that was a thing of the past which they thought would never be experienced again. It is easy to use, cost-effective, safe and secure for a person with limited mobility.


It is quite beneficial for the caregiver too. It could reduce the physical exertion of the caregiver. A caregiver could probably suffer a back strain whilst lifting the patient in and out of the bathtub and this aged care equipment saves the caregiver from such travails. Its side flaps aid in sliding the user from the edge of the bathtub into the bath seat. In addition, the hand control automates the movements of lowering and raising the user in and out of the bathtub. In other words, the Bellavita bathtub aid does the heavy lifting.

Perfect aged care equipment

This senior care equipment is not complicating to use and every feature has been specially designed keeping the elders and immobile users in mind. Its numerous safety features reduce the stress of taking a bath and also lessen the dependency on a caregiver. Improved independence from this bathing system provides manageable home care letting the user live in his or her own home without opting to live in a care facility.

This mobility aid is also helpful to those with limited mobility and balance issues in regaining independence while bathing. Many users with specific conditions who have not been able to use a bathtub for many years has disclosed that this equipment has provided them with a therapeutic retreat that helped them physically and psychologically. Further, no matter what the medical condition indicates, the Bellavita bath lift will provide an enjoyable bathing experience. The fact of getting back freedom, happiness, and normalcy with the usage of this device is much more valuable than the cost incurred.

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