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Bellavita Bath Lift

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Enjoy a bath safely and comfortably with the #1 rated bath lift in UK, the Drive Medical Bellavita reclining bath lift.

Made in Germany, the Bellavita bath lift is the lightest battery-powered reclining bath lift available, weighing only 9.3kg. Developed with the help of nursing professionals, it is ergonomically designed for you to enjoy a great soak in the bath with a record seat height of 48cm, very low seat travel of 6cm and a backrest that reclines to a market leading 50 degrees.

Built with many safety features, this ultra-modern bath lift is much loved by our customers as a daily living aid.


Enjoy a bath with confidence using the lightest battery powered bath lift available – the Bellavita bath lift. At the touch of a button using the hand control of this ergonomically-designed bath lift, users with restricted mobility are gently lowered down into the bath. The bath lift also lifts the user to the top again for safely getting out.

 Key features include:

• At the push of a button, it lowers persons with limited mobility to the bottom of the tub for bathing and relaxation, then elevates them back to the top of the tub for a safe exit.

• The backrest reclines to a market-leading 50 degrees to accommodate customers requiring a greater hip-to-back sitting position, such as those with stiff hips.

• The cutout in the seat’s front facilitates personal hygiene.

• Can be used with or without covers; washable hygienic covers are simply fitted/removed and offer additional bathing comfort (available in white or blue)

• Extremely low seat travel of 6cm (2.4″) from the bottom of the bath enhances water immersion and is perfect for shallow baths.

• Record seat height of 48cm (18.9″) allows for safe level transfers in deeper baths

• Weighs only 9.3kg (20.5lb) to make transporting and handling easier.

• Quickly and simply separates into two lightweight halves for simple installation/removal, storage, and travel

• Contoured, slim-line profile facilitates handling and provides a contemporary, aesthetically pleasant appearance that complements most bathrooms.

• Four quick-release suction feet permit combat-free removal from bath

• Lightweight, completely waterproof, floatable hand control with easy-to-use buttons

• The handheld remote’s lithium-battery technology allows for convenient recharging in numerous locations.

• An indicator light illuminates when charging is necessary, and a safety mechanism stops the bath lift from lowering without sufficient energy to return it to the top of the bath.

• The emergency stop button built into the handle ensures maximum safety

• User-friendly jack plug connection to charger for simplicity of usage

• Produced from high-quality, lightweight plastic that is recyclable and simple to clean

• Extensive array of available accessories to optimise bath installation and serve a variety of consumers

• Weight limit of 140 kg


Additional item can be purchased separately:

  • Washable hygienic covers – Available in blue, the covers are easily fitted/removed and provide extra comfort when bathing.

Additional information


Drive Medical

Max user weight (SWL)


Total weight (excl. hand control)


Overall length

83cm (32.5 inches) – with backrest in a reclined position

Overall width

70cm (27.5 inches) – seat including side flaps

Seat width

35cm (14 inches)

Seat depth

42cm (16.5 inches)

Seat length

57cm (22.5 inches)

Seat height

6cm – 48cm (2.5 – 19 inches)

Backrest height

64cm (25 inches)

Backrest width

32 – 36cm (13 – 14 inches)

Backrest reclines

50 degrees

Baseplate width

31cm (12 inches)

Baseplate length

56cm (22 inches)


2 years warranty on battery/handset.




Drive Medical Bellavita Bath Lift User Manual

Drive Medical Bellavita Bath Lift Brochure

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How heavy is the Bellavita Bath seat?

The Bella Vita Auto Bath Seat is the lightest bathlift on the market at only 9.3kg.