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As we grow old our bodies become weaker. As a result, most of the aging citizens suffer from difficulty to walk. Even though they are able to walk, they require an aid or support at most times. That is where walkers come into use. These walkers cover a person from the front and the sides. The person has to hold the walker, put their weight onto it and walk. With every step you lift the walker, set it down a short distance away and take another step. However, though these kinds of walkers are the traditional ones they may be cumbersome to most users. That is why we now have rollators or seat walkers.

With the seat walker, you have four wheels attached to the contraption. That means you do not have to lift the frame but rather push it forward as you walk. At the same time, as the name implies there is a seat too. This seat allows the person using the walker sit down and rest if he or she is tired while walking. At ILS there are several interesting options for good quality seat walkers.

Seat Walker with Basket – Auscare

This rollator is height adjustable. It also comes with well-functioning brakes. You have a comfortable seat with a comfortable backrest too. If you want to you can install a shopping basket to this. The small wheels allow you to use it with comfort both indoors and outdoors. There are also several color options available for you.

Seat Walker with Basket

Seat Walker – Rollator – Four Wheeled Walker

Made of heavy duty construction this seat walker is special because of the new lock brakes structure. It fits the Australian standards. The wheels are installed to prevent any wobbling. There is also a storage bag under the comfortable seat. This storage bag made of nylon allows you to keep your valuables there without visibility due to its cover.

Seat Walker - 6 inch Deluxe Adjustable Height 130kg - Freedom Healthcare Features

Seat Walker – Push Down Brakes and Curved Backrest

This particular seat walker comes with push down brakes. You also get rubber hand grips that are soft. This allows it to be cleaned quite easily. That is not a feature you can find with most walkers which are affordable.

Seat Walker Push Down Brakes

Trust Care Outdoor Seat Walker (With Backrest & Bag)

This was a creation specially made for the outdoor. With rather larger wheels it promises to keep you safe while using it. When not using you can easily fold it and it will stand on its own. You also have easy to use brake system. The seat on the walker is quite comfortable.

Trust Care Outdoor Seat Walker

Carbon Fibre Nitro Elite Super Light Weight Seat Walker

Here you have super lightweight seat walker which is perfectly designed for easy use. You have two large front wheels coupled with two small back wheels. The large front wheels and the perfect brake system make sure you are safe while using it. It also allows you to move swiftly and without effort. You also have a nice bag to put your belongings in while using the walker.


Deluxe Seat Walker with Adjustable Height

If you are looking for a height adjustable seat and handlebars this could be the one. You also have light touch brakes to ensure your safety. There is also a storage bag. You can fold the seat walker without removing the bag.

Seat Walker - 6 inch Deluxe Adjustable Height 130kg - Freedom Healthcare Adjustable Height

These are just few of the best seat walkers provided to you by Independent Living Specialists. All are manufactured by respectable brands. You can easily order any one of these by visiting the ILS website. You have the complete freedom to choose what you want


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