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If you, or a loved one or client, suffer from joint pain or difficulty rising from and lowering into a seated position, then perhaps it’s time to consider investing in a lift chair. Lift chairs make life easier for the user by reducing pain in the muscles and joints caused by the strain of sitting down and standing up.

Tip. A lift chair is also often called a recliner lift chair or Smokey Dawson chair.

This makes them especially suitable for sufferers of arthritis, caregivers whose backs are put to the test when assisting their client to rise out of or lower into a chair, as well as wheelchair users and their carers who tackle tricky transfers from wheelchair to stationary chair. Once the occupant is securely seated in the lift chair, there’s only the push of a button between them and a moment of comfortable recline, so everyone can lay back, relax and put their feet up.

To operate the chair, a remote control adjusts the angle of the back rest and leg rest. The seat of the chair can be positioned close to hip level and on a slanted angle so that the user can easily lower themselves into the chair before lowering the seat to the desired level. There is some variation between models, so be sure to check in with one of our Sydney Lift Chair specialists before making a purchase.

Lift Chairs – How Do They Measure Up? 1

Some things to consider when buying a lift chair:

1. The size and weight capacity of the chair.

These specifications vary between models, so if you are purchasing on behalf on somebody else, make sure you know their weight and height measurements before speaking with a specialist who can point you in the right direction.

2. The dimensions of the chair.

Will it fit into the available space? Will it fit through the front door?

3. The functions and features of the chair.

At ILS we stock many varieties of lift chairs with a range of functions to suit the individual. Some chairs cater for near full-time chair users with features such as full recline, headrest, armrest, leg rest and height adjustability. Other chairs have simpler, two-position functionality. Think about how the chair will be used and which features might be necessary for the user’s comfort. Speak to an in-store specialist today to find the right lift chair for your needs.

4. Maintenance of the chair

If the lift chair will be shared by a number of users, or if sickness or incontinence is an issue for the user, then it will need to be regularly cleaned. Some chairs come with replaceable or washable covers, and others with easy-to-clean fabrics. Again, keep in mind how the chair will be used to determine the best model for you.

5. The price of the chair

Everyone has a budget. So we’ve made it easy for you: our chairs are reasonably priced with something to suit every budget.

Head in to our Sydney Lift Chair showroom today to find the best chair for you, or call us on 1300 008 267. It’s time to put your feet up.

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