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Manufacturer code: 99-34-22-304 VER 2.0(QPS02 C019)

Direct Healthcare Group

Quattro Plus Mattress (Formerly Talley)

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The Quattro Plus mattress system is a market leading and highly regarded 1-in-4 alternating therapy mattress. Designed with TISSUEgard, Ortho-Differential Support and a multi-stretch cover to provide patients with pressure relief to prevent and manage patients at risk of or with existing pressure injuries.


Quattro Therapy Systems provide a clinical preventative measure to provide pressure relief and manage patients at risk of developing or with existing pressure Injuries. Please see below some of the product’s key features.


  • The active 1-in-4 cell cycle supports 75% of the patient’s body at all times, on groups of three inflated cells, whilst the fourth cell deflates sufficiently to redistribute the pressure and encourage tissue reperfusion. Additional benefits of the 1-in-4 system may include increased patient comfort, and less awareness of the support surface movement.


  • TISSUEgard™ enables the partial immersion and envelopment of the patient into the support surface, reducing the pressure on the patient’s skin and decreasing the pressure differential between inflated and deflated cells, helping to reduce associated shearing forces.


  • Ortho-Differential Support provides firmer outer edges of the mattress to facilitate patient transfers and provide extra support, whilst creating a softer central area of the mattress


  • The multi-stretch cover promotes tissue offloading during cell deflation and reduces shear and friction during patient movement or manual repositioning. The material is waterproof, moisture-vapour permeable and all seams are welded to protect the inside of the mattress from fluid ingress.


  • Active 1-in-4 cell cycle
  • Multi-stretch cover
  • TISSUEGard
  • Ortho-differential support
  • Microclimate management
  • Fully launderable
  • Simply designed interface
  • Fast, safe and easy manual interventions
  • Patient Transport Facility
  • Continuous low pressure
  • Max inflation
  • Adjustable comfort control
Specifications Single Standard (30 Cell) Single Long (32 Cell) King Single Standard (30 Cell) King Single Long (32 Cell)
Brand Direct Healthcare Group Direct Healthcare Group Direct Healthcare Group Direct Healthcare Group
Mattress Length 1950mm 2080mm 1950mm 2080mm
Mattress Width 880mm 880mm 1050mm 1050mm
Mattress Depth 180mm 180mm 180mm 180mm
Weight 9.4Kg 9.4Kg 10.5Kg 10.5Kg
Inner Construction Materials PU air cells PU air cells PU air cells PU air cells
Cover Materials PU coated stretch nylon PU coated stretch nylon PU coated stretch nylon PU coated stretch nylon
No. of Cells 30 32 30 32
Max. User Weight 200Kg 200Kg 200Kg 200Kg
Min. User Weight None None None None
Power Unit
Power Unit Height 258mm 258mm 258mm 258mm
Power Unit Width 346mm 346mm 346mm 346mm
Power Unit Depth 156mm 156mm 156mm 156mm
Weight 4.0Kg 4.0Kg 4.0Kg 4.0Kg
Cycle Time 16 mins 16 mins 16 mins 16 mins

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